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What Game Are You Playing?

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I'm usually a little shy about creating topics, but it bothered me that this one didn't exist. This thread is about the game(s) you're currently doing playthroughs of.


Last year I was a little obsessive about Shining Force 1 & 2.


Recently I've started playing Digimon World 2 again. I've on the Blue Falcons team this time. Currently have a lvl. 20 Ninjamon (Patamon), lvl. 19 Drimogemon (Gabumon), lvl. 18 Tankmon (Candlemon), and the MetalGreymon (lvl. 23) from BIOS Domain. The Ninjamon will be able to digivolve, but I'm more concerned with getting these Digimon's true champion forms. Meramon will be easy, but Angemon and Garurumon require 8 DP...


I hate that Angemon is Patamon's only champion with a regular attack instead of a counter attack. It's really frustrating. I DNA digivolved him with a Centarumon so that he could at least have one (albeit weak) standard champion-level attack.

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Currently re-playing the story mode with WATCH_DOGS on XB1, but this time.. I did all the side missions etc to upgrade the skills I was able to upgrade, so I was well prepared for the 'shit gone bad' style missions lol. I'm half way through, and enjoying it despite the flaws this game has.

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Donkey Kong Country for 3DS. I used my Nintendo Club coins and got it as a free download. I never really got into the DK series before...but I really like this one.


Try playing the Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES. They're awesome.


Currently playing the wrestling games I have from SmackDown 2010 to 2K14.

I'm working on videos for my YouTube channel so that's why.


Other than that, Mario Kart 8, Shovel Knight, MegaMan X3 and I recently beat Shantae and The Pirate's Curse at 100%.

My Wii U is getting a lot of love right now.

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Metal Gear Solid 2 HD. I'm playing through the entire series for the first time, since Phantom Pain is coming out fairly soon.


Wait 'till ya play MGS3. There's a certain boss fight that you might love that, in my opinion, is way up there with Psycho Mantis in terms of boss battles.

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Got the Plat on Far Cry 4 last week. I've got way too many games on the go at the moment. I'm trying real hard to play Dragon Age Inquisition but it's difficult for me not to get bored after 10 minutes.

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A few weeks ago I got the Ace Attorney Trilogy on the Nintendo eShop and beat the first game. I beat the first case on the second game but haven't gotten back to it cause I'm lazy. At my boyfriend's place I've been playing Ace Combat: Squadron Leader and The Belkan War.

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