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MORE AI Cheap Tactics Discovered!

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During a match involving a manager, if the manager is on your side, the AI opponent will sometimes try to attack the manager, in order to force the manager to reverse the AI opponent's attacks, drawing the DQ call from the referee. In case you didn't know...that means YOU LOSE.


Also, if you have the pinfall kick-out system set to "original", the AI will disable or "lock" your face buttons (making them do NOTHING), forcing you to lose by pinfall.


There are ways around these cheap tactics, however: if you wish to use a manager in a match, turn DQs OFF.


As for the pinfall system, you can use a count-reset code (found by Demon God on Code-X.ws), or, if you're not feeling THAT "cheap", set the pinfall kick-out system to "tap/hold", and it should get rid of some of this unfair behavior by the AI.

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