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Extra Waist Toggle Found!

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There is a value in the game's memory bank for editing the length of a CAW's waist. However, you cannot edit this value in-game. You need to edit it using CWCheat or TempAR's memory editor (or something similar). The value is located at 0x006DA6FE. It is set at a default value of 00, but can be increased/decreased like any other value.


Increasing this value makes the waist longer, but you won't be able to see the effects from inside the CAW editing suite. The effects are, however, quite noticeable during an actual match. Lengthening the waist makes a CAW appear "shorter" than normal.


This is perfect for building really short CAWs such as Hornswoggle, Mini-Me (from Austin Powers), Chucky, or Pikachu.

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