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What CAW's are on your roster?

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So I was just posting this so we could share information and find out who is on everyone's rosters. While I've played season mode a ton of times, I've just gotten into playing GM mode and that had recently become a quick favorite of mine as there is tons I can do on there and I get to put the wrestlers who deserve a push in the position to get to the top of the business. In any event, these are the CAW's on my roster:


1) Bully Ray

2) Rhino

3) Kazuchika Okada

4) Adam Pearce

5) Dolph Ziggler

6) Austin Aires

7) Big E Langston

8) Antonio Cesaro

9) Scott Norton

10) Tommy Dreamer

11) James Storm

12) Paul Heyman

13) Curtis Axel

14) CM Punk

15) Hardcore Holly

16) Bray Wyatt

17) Seth Rollins

18) Samoa Joe

19) AJ Styles

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