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King of Sports: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Discussion Thread

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not all the way caught up on the G1 but Shibatas return was spoiled for me and i had to come talk about it.


i have goosebumps man. i was literally hopping out of my seat in joy the same way i did when DBry was cleared. i hope this is a full return man i missed him so much.

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Yeah, Ospreay specifically asked for Red. But damn, only coming in for one match? :(

I think Red was quite happy being retired. I think the prospect of having a match with Ospreay has lured him out of it.


Saying that, I will be hyped if he wins.

Red was the man.

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Red is a weird cause and i kinda understand where hes coming from. He's frustrated. Every single time his entire career hes built up some momentum something killed it. That's why he announced his retirement earlier this year.



Perfect idea bring in Gresham. Dude is so much fun to watch.

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KENTA got concussed during his match with Ishii at Royal Quest and got immediately hospitalized afterwards. He's back home now but sheesh, seeing the clip you could clearly tell


Yeah. I saw that. Ishii is usually safe in the ring. Sure, he whoops on you, but usually you wake up sore in bed, and not the hospital.

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