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King of Sports: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Discussion Thread

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Moxley vs Okada

Moxley vs Ishii

Moxley vs White

Moxley vs Juice

Moxley vs Fale

Moxley vs EVIL

Moxley vs Sanada

Moxley vs Naito


A year ago, no one would even think of these happening. Now, all of these might not only be a possibility, but a reality.

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Mox vs Juice was a good watch. Ospreay vs Shingo is pretty crazy too.




Edit* Shingo vs Ospreay is reeeaally crazy. Lol.


2nd Edit* Okay...so, Ospreay vs Shingo very well might be my match of the year. That was insanely riveting.


Meanwhile...WWE is booking Taker vs Goldberg in 2019. Lmao.

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Guest Fight Me.

Moxley/Juice was fun and the BOSJ finals was bananas. Will Ospreay and Shingo are something else. Wanna give probs to both men cause all I hear on Twitter is about how amazing Ospreay was, which he is but it takes two to tango lol

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