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King of Sports: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Discussion Thread

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Soooo....Anybody else got Ibushi/White for the finals?


I had Naito/White but now I think White isnn't making it to the finals.


For me there have been 4 five star matches so far in the tournament. Ishii vs Goto, Ishii vs Ibushi, Ishii vs Omega and Naito vs Ibushi. So yeah, my MVP for the tourney is Ishii. Can't remember ever watching a show with 2 five star matches back to back, so awesome.

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So from Block A it's down to Jay White (my original pick), Okada and Tanahashi. For Jay White to win he would have to beat EVIL and hope Okada beats Tanahashi, however that would mean Okada would be eliminated before his match and I kinda don't see that happening. Okada needs to win and hope that Jay White loses to go to the finals and Tanahashi only needs a draw to win the group.


On Block B it's down to Naito (my original pick), Omega and Ibushi. Naito needs either a draw and an Ibushi win or a win and a draw/Ibushi win in the main. But again, I think Naito might be losing to Zack because otherwise Ibushi would be eliminated before his match starts. Omega only needs a draw if Naito doesn't win and a win otherwise and Ibushi needs Naito to lose and beat Kenny.

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Yeah, I felt they held back too for a rematch on a bigger stage. Ibushi is definitely taking it tomorrow.


I could see it going either way, because even if Tana wins we'll see Ibushi vs Kenny for the belt.


Personally, I'd say Ishii vs. Omega is the best match so far.


That's probably my fav too. Goto/Ishii, Ishii/Ibushi, Ishii/Omega, Naito/Ibushi and Omega/Ibushi were my Top 5 in no particular order.

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He will be working a fall program with Jay White I think. At the dome I see him being in some sort of title match. It all depends upon whether or not Naito is through with Jericho.


Okada vs Jericho is a possibility if so.

Or a non title Tanahashi rematch.

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