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Moves with No Weight Detection

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I've discovered a whole bunch of moves which appear to have no weight detection whatsoever, whether they're used as a finisher or a regular (hacked) move.


Here's a list of the moves I've found (so far) which SHOULD have weight detection (due to the lifting factor), but don't:


1. Cyclone 1

2. Cyclone 2

3. Chokeslam 3

4. Chokeslam 4

5. Two-handed Chokeslam 1

6. Samoan Drop 3

7. Side Slam 1

8. One-handed Backbreaker 1

9. Full Nelson Bomb

10. Inverted Powerslam

11. Underhook Piledriver

12. Facebuster 1

13. Side Effect

14. Edgecution 1

15. Choke Toss Suplex

16. Snap Suplex

17. Suplex 4



This isn't to say it's a BAD thing to not have weight detection in these moves. It simply means that there is no change in move speed depending on how heavy the recipient is.


It also means I can give some pretty strong moves to my new Pikachu CAW (that's right--I broke down and decided to make THE Pokemon mascot instead of just Mewtwo all the time).

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