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Cas's Characters

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I don't know what it is, but I'm truly losing a lot of love for these WWE games. It use to be fun with a lot of things to do, but now it just come so simple and boring. The only reason that I can come up with as for why I continue to play is only to create characters. I know it sounds as if I'm going to stop playing WWE games, but come on, you have to admit, things aren't as fun as it use to be... -.-


( P.S. These a chance that we have the same face textures so don't be surprised.)


I'll have some more vids and pics up later on...




Shawn Zombie

I know the song doesn't fit all that well, but it was the inspiration for the caw so, yea... Also, the reason the chest tattoo on the second isn't a little transparent like the first is due to some glitch... -.-





Salim Ismail

I'm happy with the way he turned out but again, if I knew what I know now, the attire would sooo much better. look






Famous have gone through a lot of changes since 2011 and now I think I've found something that truly fit him. I wanted to go for the heel Batista when I came up with the idea last year, but after finding out that there no longer a point in making street attires, I decided to go for a face look.





Darrius Kydes

Back on WWE 13, I was given the pleasure to take three of my friends caws and somewhat remaking them in my own vision. At first, I only did it for the fun of it and I never though I would still be making him now. The name of the original creator is... 2-16-2015_00.jpg2-16-2015_01.jpg




The Wolf Pack

MH Casey




Angus Casey









Ricardo Rose




Kyle Torres
















I couldn't get CAS to look exactly like he did last year, but this is good enough. I also do like how bright my face is so I'm going to have to find a way to improve that later on down the line.




Christian Storm

I'm happy with the way he turned out this year. I just wished I knew how to do all of this editing back when I remade my caws before.





James Walker

James walker also making a return but I hit a road block somewhere down the line. I have no idea on how to make the 2nd attire and what to change his move set.





Vega was a W.I.P late last year back on 2k14 and even now, I believe that there's some needed improvements. I'm unsure on what it may be, but he just doesn't scream big scary monster when you look at him.




Shane Gates

Although Shane looks almost better than last year to me, I wanted to make some changes to his attire while still keeping that pretty boy look.





King B

King B makes a return but not the way I wanted. Due to the fact the whole logo system being a bitter/sweet thing, I was unable to make him the same way as last year. Im still trying to fix him so that he can have that unique trunks over tights look at you see so rarely now days.




De'Marco De'luca

I honestly done know what to say about this one. I mean, he looks somewhat the same as last year, but its just not cutting it for me; but at the time, what else can you do to a mob Italian mob character...





The Alliance

Takeo Matsumoto




Pierre Le'Pew











Johnny Rave








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Love me some Shane Gates and I feel your pain. I still use 2K14 and onky for my all CAW Universe which has a few of your guys in there.

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Nice work on the Caws!


I also hated the way CAW mode was stripped to its bare bones. So many hair styles and clothes were removed, which severely limits the creativity in CAW mode. Also not being able to create a female wrestler really sucks.

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I think some of these need to be re-uploaded because I can't find them on CC :(

They're usually taken down due to a lack of DL's, but if there's a character that you want me to upload just let me know.

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As usual, awesome work. Wish these were on PS4 this year. Love storm and gates.

Thanks, I'm still trying to get use to editing images on the PC but I hope to be changing all of the characters soon and if I knew someone I could trust over of the PS4 side, I wouldn't mind letting them upload my characters for me.

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Are these only for xb1 or 360, or did you switch to ps4. Such a fan of ur caws. Wish I could get Gates,,Storm,, Walker, Rave and Ismail.


The characters are only on Xbox One as far 2k15 goes, but you can also find these same characters on 2k14 for the 360. Also, I wouldn't mind remaking the characters on the PS4, but I would need a friend to let me DL a digital copy.

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I hope you do these guys again on 2k16. I think I will be switching back to Xbox one for 2k16.


Oh yea, of course, but I don't know if you should get a One seeing as almost everyone went to the PS4.

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hi i just wanted to say that i like a lot of these CAWs, hope to see you do some for 2K16 but i had a question on how to do the spoiler code like you did?

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Can you upload Rave and King B. Didnt see them on CC thx


They're up...


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Love De'Luca, really good idea there. I would just go with Marco as a first name, for a more realistic sounding name. Given we can now "dye" hair for CAWs in 2K16, have you considered giving him "wings" like Paulie from Sopranos, or something like that?


Great "Godfather" shirt design too.

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