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Johnny Bravo CAW for WWF No mercy

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Hey there everybody, it's my first post here on CAWS.ws. Just wanted to share this awesome creation! Johnny Bravo for No mercy!

Johnny Bravo

Short Name: JOHNNY
Picture: Edit 4
Height: 6'0"
weight: 231 lbs (according to a page in oocities its 220 google it, but I decided to keep him heavyweight)
Music: Rios (or Your choice, something like Godfather or HBK are a good idea too)

Attire 1 (Johnny Bravo)

Body: Medium 1
Head: Head 7
Face: male 81
Hair: Shocked (3rd shade)
Masks/Etc: Boss man
Ring attire: Jeans 2 (blue/black)
Upper body: sleeve S Plain (Default)
Feet: Athletic 5 (default)

Attire 2 (Beach Suit)

Just change:

Ring attire: Boxing 1 (Red)
Upper body: None
Feet: None
Entrance attire: Y2J (Black/White) or None
Weapons/Props: Water Bottle

Attire 3 (Karate uniform)

Just change:

Ring attire: Gi 1 [Full Body] (White/Light yellow)
Upper body: None
Feet: None

Attire 4 (Postman Johnny)

Just change:

Ring attire: Black Pants (blue/default)
Upper body: Boss Man Old (Blue)
Feet: Athletic 5 (default)

MOVESET: Put him a lot of karate moves, and flexing and dancing taunts, I put Shake Rattle n Roll as finisher, but check if there's something better

Fighting Style:

Stance: Normal
Ring entry: normal
Counter reversals: Martial arts
Speed: Normal
Submission: normal
Irish whip evasion: yes
Recovery rate: normal or fast (just like the cartoons)
Bleeding: rarely
Reaction to blood: None
Endurance: Normal
Turbuckle: Your choice
Jumping: Normal
Weapon: Random

PARAMETER (using full stats):

Off. Def.
Head: 2 2
Body: 4 5
Arms: 5 4
Legs: 1 1
Flying: 3 3


Enemy: None
Enemy: None
Enemy: None
Accompained by: Ho or None

There it is! I'm open to any suggestion or comments! This is my first caw so any opinion is welcome! Cheers!

btw sorry for bad english! Not my main language

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