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need a PINNED topic for LOGOS

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As the title says, got no clue why this hasn't happened as searching through community creations is a complete mess since you can't search for logos as they can't be named...


I feel this community would already be creating some of the best logos and for many like myself who are no expert in using photoshop and the like having somewhere to get the logos needed to really use Superstar Studio properly would be great.


Also if inclined to do so, some of the top creators on both the PS4 & Xbox One sides could upload their logos so other users could have a shot.


Of course give credit when the logo you upload is in fact from someone else. Now one big problem will be white logos not really showing but writing in text above should work...


Now I'm legit terrible at photo editing but have tried a few things, most are junk but it's a start, I know nobody will you my custom superstar logo but just to show I haven't nicked everything lol


I think this topic need to be logos for in-game stars or created wrestlers not customs or originals, I only uploaded my logo and the St Kilda logo as they are the only ones I got right.


My Superstar Logo - Matt Vallence





Cesaro RED (credit Judders)



Cesaro WHITE (same logo, just my poor attempt to make it white)



Batista Trunks Logo (credit Stevie H)



St Kilda AFL Football Logo




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yeah its terrible they didnt think of it, or let u use it for crowd signs well anyway ive uploaded some really nice PPV logos King of the ring, halloween havoc, in your house and others search Next_Gen_DPM

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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