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Authentic Brock Lesnar 2012-Now Moveset (Uploaded PS4)


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Welcome to a topic which may or may not feature more than one moveset in the future.


Any moveset I make will be made by the extensive watching of matches and recording of moves for each wrestler. For my first, Brock Lesnar, I watched each match he's had since his 2012 return and recorded a timeline of every move he's performed. In making his moveset, I refrained from using "filler" moves (moves that the wrestler looks like he might do), as I would with any moveset I make. All moves are those once performed by the wrestler or slight variations of moves performed by the wrestler. Any variations are very strictly chosen with a mind for authenticity.


Any questions regarding move choices in my movesets can be posted in this topic.


I am not currently planning on doing more movesets anytime soon, but if I do, I will be making one or more of the following part-timers: The Rock (2011-Now), Triple H [short hair] (2013-Now), Undertaker [short hair] (2012-Now). If you like my Lesnar moveset, let me know if you'd be interested in any of those three.





Brock Lesnar Moveset 2012-Now

Tags: Brock, Lesnar, Moveset, Revo

Upload: 11/23/14


1) If you want your moveset to be as accurate as I have mine, take away Brock Lesnar's top rope diving skill. However, I did select diving moves for him just in case some of you out there want to keep the top rope diving skill.

2) Because of how frequently Brock applies the kimura clutch in his matches, and due to its effectiveness, this moveset has his alternate signature set as the Hammerlock (a standing kimura clutch) and his alternate finisher set as the Kimura Clutch. His main signature is Repeating Rib Breaker and his main finisher is F-5 4.



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