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Bill Burr did AMAZING last episode, he freaking killed it


AND DIN TOOK OFF HIS HELMET AND SHOWED HIS FACE ? A proud dad will do anything for his kid. I was hoping Mayfield would stick around. Too bad he didn't make it out alive, so no one alive has seen his face. And isn't this the first episode where we haven't seen Grogu? 

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2 hours ago, Jeb ? said:

That Season Finale... Wow.

Yup, just wow.
Again the Mandalorian questions my "I can live with the ST movies, they have their problems but i can deal with them" stance.
To the point where im kind of getting furious that this show feels more like Star Wars than the Sequel Trilogy we waited so many years for.

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HOLY S*** LUKE SKYWALKER! At first I thought OMG they actually got  Sebastian Stan as Luke, then realized it was CGI/De Aging. Still cool, I knew it had to be something big because my bestfriend told me to DO NOT GO ON THE INTERNET UNTIL YOU SEE THE EPISODE. I see why lol. My clueless self didn't put 2 and 2 together it was Luke at first because I thought No Way itll be Luke. Anyone Remember that scene in Rise of Skywalker at the end with Luke and Leia pausing during training for a few seconds? What if they pause because of Grogu? I'm sad it may be awhile before we see Grogu again. I picked the correct time to start watching Mandalorian because that definitely would have been spoiled for me. Also saw a theory that Din would get a lightsaber and I told my bestfriend who doubted it, but I guess it was right now Din is the holder of the Dark Saber

And post credits scene Book of Boba Fett, wow! 

Gonna be going to YouTube to watch more people to react to this episode 

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Dang that sucks, I missed sleep Thursday night and when I finally got sleep it was like 2 PM and I avoided anything internet until I watched it. Hell back when Force Awakens a few years back I got


Han Dying

spoiled for me while playing Freaking Town of Salem of all games lol. Yeah spoilers suck when I dont go out my way to see what it was. Ive had multiple games spoiled for me before. Back to Star Wars 

I can't wait till next season, I want more Mandalorian lol. Imo these 2 seasons are WAY better than the Sequel Trilogy. And now we have like 10 shows that are being made. If they are all as entertaining as Mandalorian ill watch them in a heartbeat 

Also the other day, The day I was finally gonna purchase the Grogu Pop in my Walmart, its no longer there...I kept seeing it each time I was in there but I didn't see Mandalorian yet so I thought No point to. But now its gone lol. I know I can buy one online but still

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