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Entrance Theme Substitutes Thread


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I think that Current Dean's theme could be "Brutality" (It's called a little bit different in the game, but it has the "brutality" word in it), for Roman Reign's either leave his shield theme or use "Wrath" and for Seth Rollins I used "Big Muscle".

My CAW is just going to use Cesaro's theme. I don't really do wrestler CAWs...they never look as good as the in game guys, and I'm OCD so if it looks out of place I want to punch babies.


haha same here :D Except for the babies part o.O

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I will be using:

Finn Bálor - Into The Light (Dark superhero could work too - if it is even called that anymore)

Dean Ambrose - Fight Theme (Former Biker theme)

Seth Rollins - One of the generic metal themes

Hideo Itami - Probably the oriental theme

Tyler Breeze - Bubblegum pop or flamboyant

Vaudevillains - Regality


And you could always use La Marseillaise for Legionaires


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Yeah I would use Swagger for Goldberg. Also, as soon as the soundtrack was announced I knew I was gonna use Royal Blood's "Come On Over" for Hawkins & Ryder (and also for my own self-based CAW hahaha)


They said we can't use soundtrack songs for themes though, didn't they? I thought someone confirmed they were unavailable.



Really? Damn... Well I got nothing for them then haha



Will we be able to use MP3 music for entrances after the new PS4 update? It says music from USBs can be played in game now.



The game has no option for it, and it wouldn't be a simple patch. I think it was said they wouldn't do it if it wasn't available during development.




I read in the update that there is an option on the PS4 to drown out in game music with USB music. My plan would be to turn on the appropriate USB music during the entrances, and turn it off whenever it's over. That music can apparently be used at any point in the game.





Have you done this yet? If so did it work out decent? I am just curous. I never thought about that.


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I've used...

Seth Rollins - Wrath (with Corey Graves ribbon movie)

Dean Ambrose - Into the Light (with Tyson Kidd ribbon movie)

Erick Rowan - The Nomad

Damien Sandow - The Miz's theme and trons for the Mizdow gimmick

Ryback - Changed theme and entrance to Ryback '12 to match him being face again

Cameron - Bubblegum Pop (with Summer Rae ribbon movie)

Also, I used Adrian Neville's ribbon movie for Roman Reigns.


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More important question any advanced entrances for Harper, Rowan, Seth, and Dean? What sucks though is that I have Harper as the IC champ so that's a thing I have Tamina Snuka's entrance as his. It's not too bad tbh.


Just used Damien Sandow's entrance for Dean (it really fits). For the others, I used these:




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