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Guest Fight Me.

Completely forgot Magnus never cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase before leaving for GFW. Odd team, but happy for the new champs, Brian Myers and Trevor Lee.


Lol Dixie's face theme.


Hmm The Dollhouse vs. The Beautiful People? :D

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Guest Fight Me.

Why'd they touch up EC3's theme? It was fine. :(


Hardy's suit is up there with Rockstar Spud's. :lol:


So Bram's the fifth guy in the biggest match in TNA history, huh? So that's why they didn't fire him lol.

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– As reported yesterday, Dixie Carter said in an interview with Sports Illustrated that TNA is contracted with Destination America through the end of the year and was in discussions to air on the network 2016.


As the Wrestling Observer, notes, there is another passage that says Impact will not have a home “as of February 2016.” Either way, the appearance is that Destination America and Discovery Network is giving TNA time to find a new home, very similar to what Spike TV did last year.







As reported earlier, TNA President Dixie Carter spoke with Sports Illustrated about various topics. One topic in particular was where she talked about trying to bring Paul Heyman to the company back in 2010. Here’s what she said:


“​I’m a big Paul Heyman fan. We met that one time, and I would have loved to have found a way to bring him in. But what Paul did for ECW could not be created for us today. In this litigious world we live in, that stuff could never be recreated. You can’t go back and recreate things. I’ve had the biggest names work for us, and it’s just shown me that there’s no magic bullet.”


She added, “So we’re learning from our mistakes from the past and how can we be different and move forward.”


You can check out the full interview here.



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