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Official Impact Show Discussion Thread

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Jerry LYNN. 🤘


This flashback reminds me of when Davey Richards removed me on FB over a meme making fun of the popo. Not sure how I even popped up on this feed since we never interacted. :lol:

Is Melissa Santos gone or what?

Private Party looked good here. Imagine they won the Impact tag titles so the Good Brothers could take the AEW world tag titles lol

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Jerry Lynn's first Impact appearance since 2013. I know he's got one more in him!!! I know how legendary his ECW run was, but the first time I ever saw him as a fan (before I went back and saw his old stuff) was in TNA. So I'll always have a special place for him there lol

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This is the most Gallows thing I've ever heard lol

Speaking on Busted Open Radio ahead of IMPACT Hard to Kill, Gallows & Anderson commented on the ownership of the trademark.

"They didn't at first, me and Gallows almost got it," said Anderson when asked about the trademark. "We almost got a hold of the trademark, we might not have ever been booked again, but we almost got ahold of it. New Japan did get ahold of it. I don't know if they realized how big it was going to be."

Gallows added, "I'm still the current owner of the Biz Cliz trademark. We searched [Bullet Club] one day and went, 'Holy shit, [NJPW] just got it three weeks ago.'"

Anderson noted, "We tried to get it on a fake trademark site and we lost money. We tried to bootleg it. Now we tried to trademark everything and we're getting bills for $5,000 a week."

Gallows followed up by saying, "Before we got a real trademark lawyer, we tried every carny move we could to trademark it."

While Gallows & Anderson may not have the Bullet Club trademark, AEW recently filed to trademark "Too Sweet."

Current Bullet Club member Tama Tonga doesn't care what Omega, Good Brothers, and Young Bucks go by as long as they don't go by Bullet Club.


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Mentioned Shera in another thread and just got hit with the memory of waves of random stables Impact put together like 5 years ago-ish. :lol:

-The Revolution (James Storm, Manik, Shera, Abyss, The Great Sanada)

-The Rising (Drew Galloway, Eli Drake, Micah)

-DCC (James Storm, Bram, Kingston)

Definitely more but those stood out as the most unnecessary lol

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