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skippy_27 Showcase

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Hi everyone, I've been following this forum for a while now, using CAW's from here (particularly Oz70NYC and KingDW's) in my universe mode for months now, and I've decided to jump in on the action. I've mad CAW's on wwe games before but after seeing what can be achieved with it I decided to put a bit more effort into this years, i have had some trouble with the fact custom logos don't save on my game, and i was already a good 4 years into my universe mode before i realized just how much of a problem this could be, so did not want to delete my data and I've just been making do without for now, hoping to come back with some stronger designs in 2k15.




First of we have a CAW i started work on in January and have been gradually improving through the year i feel it is my strongest creation so far.


Ring attire


Entrance attire




This is Physco Mike, Some what based on my self appearance wise, he came into the wwe a youthful rookie enthusiastically diving into every challenge thrown at him, until he was betrayed by long time friend Dolph Ziggler, to say he didn't take this well was a massive understatement, he took his anger out on Dolph over the next six months until at Wrestlemania he ended Dolphs career by viciously attacking him after the match with a baseball bat breaking both Little Ziggys legs,

He was subsequently suspended by the wwe, he then went away to japan and trained in martial arts, returning to wwe in the money in the bank match going on to win it. then cashed it in the following night to claim the wwe championship.

he went on to link up with CM Punk who was serving a suspension from wrestling at the time, CM Punk became Mikes manager teaching all the tricks in the book for a long reign as champ. Eventually CM Punk also turned on Mike costing him his title. He has now established himself as very much a lone wolf in the company not trusting anyone, and dishing out violent beat downs to anyone who crosses him.


Since his first match in the industry he has molded his persona into one of the most dangerous men in the business, combining his strength and speed into a deadly combo.


he is on CC just under the tags of Skippy_27


Next up is Trevor Murphy, a redneck warrior,


Ring attire



Entrance attire



this guy just loves to fight any excuse to jump in the ring with someone and he'll jump at it, at times it seems he even loves being on the end of the beating, if there is pain to be inflicted this guy will be there,

He's only been in the industry for a year but he has already dominated the cruiserweight division. He has a very unorthodox style just throwing him self at people to cause pain (kind of dean ambrose like) he was spotted and signed be the wwe after causing and finishing a 30 man bar fight in his hometown, with the wwe luckily in town that week.

his first match was a gauntlet match after he called out every superstar in the locker room eventually going down to Triple H.


this Caw only has one attire at the moment and is a work in progress but by all means download him and do your own thing with him as I'd like to see what you can come up with for him! He is also on CC under Skippy_27


My next creation is Shadow, the beast of the darkness


Ring attire



Entrance attire




Shadow is and mystical creature no one knows where he came from, this monster has destroyed everything in its path so far. coming out of nowhere to haunt Kane, eventually going on to defeat him at Wrestlemania, he then went on to call out every monster/giant of the industry, defeat them one by one he looked unbeatable until exactly a year after he started haunting Kane, the lights went out during one of his matches and the unmistakable bell tolled. Wrestlemania main event?


as of yet i am unable to upload this too CC as it has DLC on it? im not sure what on him is DLC though so if anyone has any suggestions id love to get him on to CC soon?



My final addition for today is Prince Jeffrey Thompson


Ring attire



Entrance attire




The self proclaimed future king of England is a true pupil of the game having been a fan of the business since a young age, He has paid alot of money over the years having all the all time great wrestlers come to teach him.

his style is very old school he is almost untouchable in is grappling game and his submissions are something of legend.


i apparently have DLC on this CAW aswell so again if you can spot anything on him let me know and ill get him up on CC asap :)




Thanks for giving this a read, any constructive criticism would be extremely helpful, I've enjoyed using CAWS uploaded to this thread i hope you have some fun with these guys, if you want to create new attires for them i would love to see them so i can see just whats possible with these guys.



P.S. sorry about the crappy pictures is there any easier way to get them up on here? without a game capture device








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