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Seth Rollins Move Set

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+ Standard Actions


Ring In: Jumping 2


Ring Out: Quick



Christian 2

Cut the Air

Edge 3

Beat Chest 1


Fighting Stance: Wrestling 1


Walking Motion: Normal


Running Motion: Normal


+ Standing


Strike Attacks:

Spinning Back Kick 2

Jumping Calf Kick

Back Chop 4

Dropkick 1

Kick to Gut 2

Tajiri Low Kick


Grapple Moves:


--- Clean:

Arm Drag 3

Small Package 1

Headlock 1

Wrist & Arm Wrench

Neckbreaker 15


--- Dirty:

Eye Rake 1

Low Blow 5

Eye Rake 2

Low Blow 5

Eye Rake 2


--- Submission:

Headlock 4

Guillotine 3

Snapmare & Neck Lock 1

Headlock 4

Face Lock 2


--- Category 1: Speed


--- Moves 1:

Arm Drag 4

Arm Whip

Float Over DDT

Back Chop 7

Step Up Enzuigiri


--- Category 2: Technical


--- Moves 2:

Northern Lights Suplex 1

DDT 7 (God's Last Gift)

Jawbreaker 1

Complete Shot (substitutes the one in the turnbuckle)

Suplex 8


--- Category 3: Luchador


--- Moves 3:

Hurracanrana 1

Victory Roll Pin 3

DDT 13

DDT 4 (Skywalker)

Sunset Flip Pin 2


--- Grapple Attack:

Grapple Punch 1

Grapple Elbow Strike 1

Grapple Elbow Strike 1


Grapple From Behind:

Snapmare 1

Hurracanrana Pin 3

German Suplex 4

Back Suplex 8

Cruiserweight Moves 2


Groggy Grapple From Behind:

Rolling Clutch Pin

Hurracanrana Pin 3

German Suplex 4

Back Suplex 8

Ric Flair Attack


Top of Cell Attack: Downward Thrust x4


+ Ground


Strike Attack:

Knee Drop 2

Flip Senton Attack 1

Kurt Angle Stomp


Grapple Moves:

Forearm Drop

Knee Drop 4

Sleeper Hold 6

STF 1 (Regal Stretch)

Moonsault Splash 3

Running Kick


+ Corner


Strike Attacks:

Elbow Attack 6

Yakuza Kick

Turnbuckle Dropkick 2


Grapple Moves:

Monkey Flip

Tiger Mask

Super Hurracanrana

Turnbuckle Powerbomb

Foot Choke 1

Stomp & Choke


Grapple from behind:

Snake Eyes

Illegal Pin

Rebound Suplex

Ninja (Skywalker)

Tie to Tree of Woe


+ Rope


Groggy on ropes: Dropkick 8


Rebound Attack:

Running Calf Kick


Vaulting Body Press 2


Diving out of ring attack: Rope Flip 2


+ Diving


Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:

Flying Clothesline 2

Over Castle


Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:

Knee Drop 1

Frog Splash Pin 1

Diving Moonsault 2


+ Dash


Running Strikes:

Running Calf Kick

Running Enzuigiri


Running Grapple:

Headscissor Takedown 2

Neckbreaker Drop


Rear Techniques:

School Boy Pin 2

German Suplex 6


Running ground Attack:

Dropkick to Knee 3



Counter Attack:

Arm Drag 5

Hurracanrana Pin 2

Neckbreaker 10


+ Tag Team


Standing Tag Team:

Double Punches 2

Dropkick & Rolling Clutch

Punches & Full Nelson

Double Suplex

Punches & Full Nelson


Corner Tag Team:

Kick to Gut 1

Double Stomping

Dropkick 6

Gut Crusher

Spine & Neckbreaker


+ Special



Running Fame Asser or Hagakure (Blackout)

Saving Grace (Paroxysm)


Signature Moves:


Turnbuckle Powerbomb

Complete Shot


Chair Finisher: DDT 23 x2


Combination Attack:

Elbow Smash 1

Quick Kick

Jumping Calf Kick

Edited by VeryEuropean92

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