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The Camel Clutch

WWE 2K15 Kinect & Playstation Camera Support for CAW mode on PS4/Xbox One

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Would you guys like to see 2k15 add the ability to capture and recreate your face via the kinect or ps4 cam in caw mode? Seeing as how this gen most Xbox One users have kinect and a lot of ps4 users have the camera as it actually seems to be one of their best selling accessories if not the best after the controller for Sony. Not only that but the graphics look better than ever this year with them using the same scanning method for nba 2k14 so it only makes sense to let the players scan themselves so that the caws look as realistic as possible as well.

I'd personally like to see it and I do believe it could very well happen as in an interview with IGN the excutive producer stated that they have a couple surprises in store for caw mode when it comes to the ps4 and xbox one and I think this could me one of them.

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