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World Championship Wrestling 2003

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I'm changing the whole course of the years 2001-2003 right now so bare with me



The year is 2001 and WCW is really struggling, they almost were to the point of bankruptcy and completely going under. Ted Turner spent the Summer and Fall reinventing the WCW brand and getting rid of names like Vince Russo and hiring more veteran wrestlers to help write shows. He chose Bret Hart as his head writer, Bill Watts came in to help in a move that shocked the wrestling word. Also Hart brought in Dory Funk to help train young talent and help with creative. After the shake up things seemed to begin doing better, they were able to get guys like Chris Benoit back, along with guys like Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, Sting, and Randy Savage all carrying the main event load. Benoit became the WCW Champion in the Spring of 2002 and WCW was doing everything they could to become a solid competitor to the dominant WWF.

As the Summer of 2002 rolled around the WWF had a lawsuit with the World Wildlife Fund, and lost a substantial amount of money. They ended up losing the battle in court after a long process. The WWF quickly changed it's promotion's name to World Wrestling Entertainment. In November of 2002, Vince McMahon officially retired from the pro wrestling business and handed the WWE to his son Shane McMahon. Shane began pushing guys like Edge, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio Jr almost immediately. Kurt Angle became the most over pro wrestler in the world and is widely considered the best in the world in ring and on the microphone.

On the other side of things Jerry Jarrett got financial backing from a wealthy family from Nashville, TN and opened up NWA's newest brand Total Nonstop Action(TNA). He broguth in extremely talented performers and was putting on stellar wrestling shows throughout the South in the beginning of 2003.

On January 1st 2003 Ted Turner has announced that due to a contract dispute with his sponsors and the networks that he owned WCW was being taken off of TNA and would be sold to the highest bidder in a few short months. A lot of talent immediately looked for work elsewhere, including Bill Goldberg, Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, etc. On March 16th 2003, the final episode of Monday Nitro aired on television. WCW was no longer on television and had a talent roster that consisted of only a dozen or so active wrestlers. Ted Turner made an announcement with an interview on CNN that come April 25th he would announce the new owner of WCW.

Fast forward to April of 2003, speculation ran wild as to who purchased WCW and a lot of people thought it was Shane McMahon, (the owner and active chairman of the WWE), some thought maybe Vince McMahon might even try and sneak his way to the top again. Rumors flew, at one point a lot of wrestling newsletters and dirtsheets were confirming The Ultimate Warrior to be the new owner. But the day came and live on WCW.com on April 25th Ted Turner went on live.

Ted Turner

"Today is a huge day in the history of pro wrestling. A month ago I came to an agreement with a legendary figure in this business and sold World Championship Wrestling. Now with no television spot, a near empty locker room, and a staff that's dwindling as well, I announce to you the new owner of the WCW!"

The camera moves away from the podium where Bret "Hitman" Hart's music played. Out walked the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

Bret Hart

"After a few months of pondering what I want to do with myself, I got called for a meeting with Ted Turner. The news I heard was something I'd never expected, I was asked to purchase WCW for a very generous price, if I promised and gave Mr. Turner I see that it stays afloat. He couldn't promise me a tv deal or big money contracts for talent. But he told me that he admittedly didn't know this business well enough. He asked me to save a sinking ship. I thought about the offer for a few weeks and gave him a call back and with one simple word accepted the deal. I left for WCW in the winter of 1997, I saw a great promotion slip through the cracks into near failure. I am going to take what's left and bring this company back to it's former glory. It'll be no easy task but I will do it, that's a promise that I made to Mr. Turner and it's a promise I'm making right now to all the wrestling world. In the past few days I've got calls from a lot of wonderful talent and wrestling legends. I'm working very closely to everyone and we plan on bringing WCW back to wrestling fans ASAP. Keep checking out the website for more information, thank you!"


Bret Hart bought WCW for an outstanding deal at only $800,000. Ted Turner who has grown to love not only the wrestling business but WCW has given financial backing to the company with a percentage of money coming back to him, of course.

Over the next few weeks Bret Hart signed a lot of young and old talent who could hep bolster live events and the PPVs they still had deals for. They may not have had a TV deal at the time but tapes were sent out to numerous networks as WCW looked to get back on national television.

Bret Hart had announced on WCW.com that he made some huge signings, including Mick Foley, The Great Muta, Vader, Ken Shamrock, Mike Awesome, Lex Luger, Masato Tanaka, Ron Killings, and had went and signed some of the best lightweight wrestlers in the world. He promised a product like never before seen where edginess meets technical wrestling masterpieces and everything in between. He said that on September 21st, WCW would host it's first big event since it's strike of misfortune earlier in the year, Fall Brawl would take place on PPV on Sep. 21st, 2003. WCW had been holding 3 shows a week throughout the southern parts of the country and in Calgary, CA would hold Fall Brawl, Bret announced the Main Event of Chris Benoit versus The Great Muta for the WCW Championship. House shows were gaining a good fanbase once again to the former wrestling juggernaut and ticket sales were doing very well.

Now with the date being September 1st, 2003 could Fall Brawl succeed and will WCW bring back it's former glory?



Sorry that sucked guys, lot of things don't make perfect sense, but I figured this would work just fine :cool:





Bret Hart





Public Image


Based In

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Risk Level


Production Values



50%/ $1,000,000 P.M.


70%/ $700,000


Sports Illustrated

Stacker 2





WCW World Championship


WCW Tag Team Championships


WCW Cruiserweight Championship


WCW United States Heavyweight Championship


WCW Television Championship




*Bold is Heel. Normal Text is Babyface. Italics is Tweener*

Main Eventers

Chris Benoit

Jeff Jarrett

Mick Foley

Randy Savage

Scott Hall


The Great Muta


Upper Midcarders

Ken Shamrock

Lex Luger

Mike Awesome

New Jack


Ultimo Dragon

Masato Tanaka

Ron Killings


American Dragon

Chris Harris

Jushin Liger

Justin Credible

Mikey Whipwreck


Spike Dudley

Steve Corino

BJ James

Christopher Daniels

CM Punk

Juventud Guerrera

Kid Kash

La Parka



Lower Midcarders

Carly Colon

Marty Jannetty

Matt Cappotelli

Perry Saturn

Shawn Stasiak

The Amazing Red

TJ Hart

Alex Wright

Brian Lawler

Chris Candido

Michael Modest

Samoa Joe


Chris Hero

Jay Briscoe

Paul London

Scott Savage

Super Dragon

Mark Briscoe


Jimmy Hart

Miss Elizabeth


Bret Hart



-Triple H, AJ Styles, and Raven are all coming to the end of their contracts to their respective promotions in the next few months.

-Jeff Jarrett rumored to be on his way out of WCW after a backstage altercation with another worker at a show in Sylvester, GA

- Trish Stratus has confirmed she's modeling nude for Playboy for this June's issue

-With the boom period over with experts and analysts are expecting several promotions to "trim the fat" and many veterans are expected to retire sooner rather than later


Next Show

WCW Fall Brawl

September 21st, 2003

Calgary, Canada


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Not a Steen diary then? xD


I like it, the backstory does make sense and it gives a clear picture on what has happened on your universe. I really like the roster too, I thought you have some awesome lower card talent that can rise up.


Shall be keeping my eye on this.

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Just tell me. why is New Jack in WCW he's a bit too hardcore really for WCW and secondly it's New Jack(yeah). I like it though New Jack could beat the hell out of the entire roster and hold the big gold belt. Please tell me that is going to happen, I would like to say your roster is to me a fusion of ECW and WCW with a small amount of indie wrasslers

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I downloaded this as a mod for WCW called Bret Hart buys WCW. You can find it online, it only had 13 people on the roster, most notably Benoit, Hall, and Savage. I signed everyone else.


World Championship Wrestling News

-From WCW.com-

September 6th, 2003

-Shane McMahon and WWE has to come to terms on the release on one of their biggest draws, due to a contract dispute. Bret Hart has apparently been in talks with him and is hoping to bring him in for Fall Brawl on the 21st.

-WCW Star Ken Shamrock has checked himself into rehab for alcohol addiction.

He's not been punished by WCW officials but owner Bret Hart commented and said
he's hoping for a speedy road to recovery and hopefully Ken can make his return as soon
as possible.
-WCW officials have reached out to MTV several times over the past months trying to secure a TV deal with the popular network.

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I'm actually using EWR for this. Everything in my news bulletins are incidents reports or internet rumors. I finally got a TV deal but I had two PPVs before hand. Would you rather me not do Fall Brawl and Halloween Havoc and start with the tv show and then go or do the two PPVs first?




I downloaded this as a mod for WCW called Bret Hart buys WCW. You can find it online, it only had 13 people on the roster, most notably Benoit, Hall, and Savage. I signed everyone else.


World Championship Wrestling News

-From WCW.com-

September 6th, 2003

CM Punk injured for one month. (Strained muscles)
Steve Corino ripped his bicep out for 7 months.
Chris Candido has checked into rehab to deal with a drug addiction
Bret Hart has announced he's made a huge signing. For now he's keeping it in the dark as to who it is.





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I'd say do TV. Get the ball rolling and build up to the PPV. I started with a big PPV right off the bat but I'm not using EWR like a cheater ;).

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Everyone is locked into written contracts. I did make a huge sign though, I will have to prove it to everyone through showing the email I got saying notifying about him being fired lol.

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What I was actually saying is that you can't just sign all the good wrestlers to written contracts, you have to try to get some cheaper guys rather than everyone $100,000 plus to sign on a written contract

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Actually there was nobody with over a 93 over. That being Mick Foley :)


I will hopefully be posting the first show tomorrow. WCW Wired will take place every Wednesday night on Primetime on VH1

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