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@King of Kong:


Recently I read an article wherein someone from 2k said that NBA 2k15 would once again have a robust create a player system, which should indicate deep customization. Maybe 2k, VC and Yukes will further build on this to make a CAW mode in WWE 2k15 that both has great graphics like NBA 2k14 CAP and great customization.


IGN also mentioned created wrestlers-plural, so I'm sure there's more than one CAW available.




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I just pre-ordered the Hulkamania Edition for PS4, mainly because I've decided to take a chance on 2K at least this once anyway. I gave THQ multiple chances year on year which I shouldn't have. Can't change that now . But at the very least I could give 2K a couple chances. I'm gonna keep an open mind, worst case scenario I got until a couple of days before release to cancel if I'm not satisfied with what I see. I mean let's face it where else am I going to be able to play next gen graphics wrestling with Hogan, Sting, HBK etc?TNA haven't made any games in years and now their roster is weak, 5* star wrestling looks awful and wwe 2k14 wasn't the best although better than previous efforts as of late. You can write a analytical article all you like, but the fact remains there is only 2k15 to play moving forward and if you love wrestling you'll buy it because there is no other wrestling game out there, made better with the superstars you wanna play as featured in it.


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Oh God, not Robin Williams. One of the legendary actor/comedian. I would have loved to work with him; he's one of my inspirations when it comes to acting. R.I.P, sad news.


But with 2k15, I'm much more interested in the career mode. I want to see how in-depth they are with the mode, how long and diverse it would be, etc. I really want to see some footage on career mode, badly.


I have a feeling that these models will be mind-blowing and spectacular. Both in action and in entrances.

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