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Mean Dalenko's Screenshots *photo heavy*


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I have a decent chunk of wrestling history covered with the five saves I have for this game, could

make some great vids if I wasn't so clueless smile.gif But just made this Backlund pic and decided I love

the screenshots I have on cc so much I should do a thread of them. I get a kick out of seeing my

pics on google when looking for stuff, so expect to see this thread everywhere I can post it lol


WWF Raw 93 Bob Backlund v Magazine Writer

Tuesday in Texas 91 Hogan v Undertaker


WWF 92 Macho Man

WWF Summerslam 92 Bret v Bulldog

WWF Raw debut 93 Yokozubna V Koko B Ware

Raw 93 Perfect v Flair

Raw 93 Razor v 123 Kid

Raw 93 Doink v Crush

Summerslam 93

Raw 95 Razor v Goldust


WWF IYH 95 Bret v Diesel

WWF IYH 95 Bret v Hakushi

Raw 96 Ahmed Johnson v Farooq Assad

Wrestling Challenge 88 Macho v Steamboat

MSG 85 Hogan v Piper

MSG 83 Snuka v Muraco




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