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NWA/Territories Save PS3

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If you want an NWA save I highly recommend you download this. Or even if you already have one smile.gif Massive thanks to Kim for his work enabling save unlocking, textures etc and his kindness in talking me through it all.

I've sorted 100 caws, 50 arenas, 20 logos, 26 tag teams, settings superstar threads, rosters, rivalries, rankings, rosters, belts etc etc.

Have it set up the way I like, could go on forever explaining the whys and wherefores, but have 3 major shows with NWA rosters for the first two and the other territories together on the third show. I often quickly switch show logos and arenas between matches in universe depending on whats booked. Easy enough to rearrange how you like.

I don't use the feuds section, having auto rivalries off and letting the individual rivalries and rankings run it seems to book better, and have more cut scene variety. I've set up a lot of the superstar rivals such as Flair with Dusty, Funk, Steamboat Sting .. Tully v Magnum/ Dusty, Midnights v Rock n roll express, Freebirds v Von Erichs, Tommy Rich Buzz Sawyer, Piper Valentine, Steamboat & Youngblood v Slaughter & Kernodle etc

I've set up the tags for exhibition mode also, but personally as just treat universe as my exhibition mode when I feel like, need the show logos in entrances and random attires smile.gif Although the 80s filters don't always seem to work.


Harley Race

Terry Funk

Dory Funk jr

Jack Brisco

Jerry Brisco

Wahoo McDaniel

Jay Youngblood

Don Kernoodle

Roddy Piper

Greg Valentine

Arn Anderson

Ole Anderson

Tully Blanchard

Magnum TA

Nikita Koloff

Lex Luger

Barry Windham

Ron Garvin



Ricky Morton

Robert Gibson

Bobby Eaton

Stan Lane

Tommy Rogers

Bobby Fulton

Ivan Koloff

Krusher Kruschev

Rick Rude

Manny Fernandez

Jerry Lawler

Jimmy Garvin

Hector Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero Sr

Steve Kiern

Ken Patera



Black Bart

Ron Bass

Buzz Saywer

Tommy Rich

Kevin Sullivan

Shaska Whatley

The Masked Superstar

Mr Wrestling II

Rocky Johnson

Tony Atlas

Blackjack Mulligan

Rufus Jones

Bruiser Brody

Abdullah The Butcher

Michael PS Hayes

Terry Gordy

Buddy Roberts

Kerry Von Erich

Mike Von Erich

Kevin Von Erich

Chris Adams

Gino Hernandez


Jim Duggan

Terry Taylor

Steve Williams

One Man Gang

Verne Gagne

Nick Bockwinkel

Stan Hansen

Rick Martel

Curt Hennig

Baron Von Raschke

Mad Dog Vachon

Billy Graham

Big Bubba Rogers

Budddy Landel


Ernie Lad

Sam Houston

Dick Murdoch

Dick Slater


The Great Muta

Bob Orton

Eddie Gilbert

Mike Rotundo

Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner

Sid Vicious

Mark Callous

Dan Spivey

Paul Jones

Jimmy Valient

Jim Cornette

J.J Dillon

Paul Ellering

Gary Hart

The Barbarian

The Warlord

Ron Simmons

Butch Reed

*in game







Caws are by the Krad, JDB, Bernielomax, Semtex, Scurrl, Rainalways plus purpledark, adb1980, methos dawson. Will update this apologies to anyone missed. Have mainly gone for relevent attires on the caws not necessarily the best versions, no dlc caws either.


Spent forever making and arranging these, they're the main feature smile.gif



NWA Mid Atlantic 1977

NWA Mid Atlantic 1979

NWA Mid Atlantic 1982

NWA TBS Studios 1986

NWA TBS Studios 85-89

NWA 1984 (alt)

NWA Power Hour 1985

NWA Mid Atlantic 1983

NWA Mid Atlantic 1984

NWA Worldwide 1984

NWA Mid Atlantic 1985

NWA Worldwide 1985

NWA Pro Wrestling 1986

NWA Clash of Champions


NWA Starrcade 1983

NWA Starrcade 1984

NWA Starrcade 1985

NWA Starrcade 1986

NWA Starrcade 1987

NWA Starrcade 1988

NWA Starrcade 1989

NWA Starrcade 1990

Great American Bash 85

Great American Bash 89

WCCW Sportatorium 85

Georgia Champ. Wrestling 82

Memphis CWA Studios 88

CWF Florida 83-84

Mid South Wrestling 85 alt

Mid South Wrestling 85

UWF Mid South 86

NWA WRAL TV Studios 77

Mid South Wrestling 94

NWA TBS Studios 89 (real flags version)

AWA Showboat Pavilion

AWA Superclash III

AWA Superclash

NWA WCW Sat Night 86

NWA Best of 84

NWA Crockett Cup 88

NwA Bunkhouse Stampede 88

NWA on TBS 89 (bigger stage alt)

NWA / WCW 1990 TBS

WCW 1990 TBS

Chi Town Rumble 89

Clash of Champions VI

Wrestlewar 89

Clash of CHampions IX

Clash of Champions X

46 arenas by me, 3 from Razaback and one from Dely. 21 of them with glitched aprons.




could easy fill 20 more logo slots, all ppvs and lots more are on cc (search cdb smile.gif)


I highly recommend downloading this NWA 87-90 announcer pack by The Territories, I've set up the entrance tracks so if you copy the music files to ps3 before the save theres a chance they may match up already

The Save:

PAL version

NTSC Version

I've uploaded the saves inside Kim's Save Game Tool pack, as you will need to resign the save to your own PS3. Apologies if the below directions aren't clear enough, will happily talk anyone through it, but you have to:

Copy an existing game save from your ps3 profile to usb, from which you copy the 'param.sfo' into the Save Game Tools folder. Rename it to template.sfo, execute "Resign.EU" or "Resign.US", copy the Bles (EU)or Blus (US) folder to ps3 and load up the game smile.gif

Many thanks again to Kim for his help

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Hey, i was wondering could you reupload your NWA Territories Save for WWE 2K14 for NTSC PS3s? your links are dead.

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