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IronGhost360- My CAW list

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As I'm new to this site and have recently added several of the wrestlers/ideas that were being superplexed thru my imagination. I thought I would take this opportunity to list my current creations and add background fluff and such. Sorry no pics but if any of these peak some interest of those of you on the 360. I'd appreciate it you'd check my small but growing roster and rate them.


1. MisterX- a character I've had with me since my PS2 days..The 'Immortal' MisterX is a heel's Heel. The immortal term refers to MisterX going back over 7 decades..Yes, my vision of the character has him started in the B&W TV days of 1950's pro wrestling.

The all black attire of the original has remained basicly unchanged since I first sketched him out while killing time on a rain delayed baseball game. I've added to more attires for this WWE13 appearance.

The primary finisher I made him "X Marks The Spot!" is my attempt to keep that old school connection.I was a little peeved that the "Heart Punch"2nd finisher I wanted to use was not included..oh well.


2. The Texas Hangmen(TagTeam)- "Tex" & "Hoss" my lost in the 80's ESPN Supercard tribute tag team.

Atypical masked tag team that even though not really identical the announcers never seem to know who's who?


3. Sumo Ichiban- My Japanese Bruiser a tweener type character I based on a mashup of Taz/Samoa Joe. Admittedly the tribal tattoo work makes him more Polynesian than true Japanese but I like how he reminds me of 'Raz' from the old PS2 game "Mark of Kri".


4. Claude Rains- My slightly insane bandaged doctor character. I took one look at the bandaged mask and he popped a little mix of classic "Invisibleman" madman and Randy Orton egomaniac puts him in the crowds favor. I think hospital scrubs were the perfect wrestling attire.


Well that's a decent start and If you search me out you'll see the other members to my little roster. I'll try and get back here and expand on the backgrounds of *Nitro*Heart* and T.F.A. , and my Bill Demott inspired Travis"Wreckin'" Ball

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Hey , Ghost here with a second entry into this 'My CAW List'.

Starting this with a simple character that popped into my head after watching "Witness" on the dish.


1.Thomas Yoder aka. T.F.A- "The Fightin' Amish" .

Unlike old ECW 'Roadkill' TFA is not a WeakAzz Heel But a humble strong as an ox farmboy Face type.

Kept him simple for entrance with the buttoned up long sleeve and black pants simple suspenders .


2. *Nitro*Heart*- The basic idea for this one was a masked version of the typical fanboy favorite franchise

Character ie.(HBK/Sting/early Flair) The background for this guy involves a super athlete with a serious

Heart condition so his playing days are supposedly over but with the anonymity of the mask he continues on

while awaiting a transplant, yeah far fetched ..but perfect for wrestling.


3. Travis "Wreckin'" Ball- Besides the legend that is Vader the first Bigman/ wide body athlete I ever saw do a Moonsault was

Hugh Morrus/ Bill DeMott on WCW the guy amazed me with military pressing guys and doing the typical Powerhouse

Type moves and then having the agility and balance to finish his matches with a real arching high Moonsault.

Admittedly his characters were weak but the idea of the wide body athlete stuck with me. So the "Wreckin'" Ball was

Just something I wanted to do. He was a little hard to create the kind of graphix package I wanted to do with only so many layers.


4. David Red Eagle- My light heavy high flyer a mashup of most of the best of Steamboat/ Kidman / RVD/ Bourne. Well

Really Bourne and RVD with a little Kidman..the Steamboat is mostly just the entrance. I felt that there aren't enough

Native Americans in wrestling anymore so I made sure to create Red Eagle and a Tagteam (the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers)

I'll expand on them next time .


It was pointed out to me recently that most of my roster is Fan Access so I'll try and reset the movesets to make them NonAccess available. Look for them later this week if I find the free time...

Also I just did a DeathRace inspired Frankenstein check him out.. Thanks for reading.

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Not sure why but I tried and tried last night to make Non Axxess versions of my roster of CAWs and it was a struggle. For some reason the CC was still sticking that exclamation point on some of them and even after deleting movesets and custom entrances

I've managed to repost several but still not been able to repost my Sumo Ichiban character...10 attempts...frustrating? OhHellYeah!


I'll give it another try later tonight.

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Hey, hope your 4th of July was a good one . I was saying last entry I put together a Frankenstein ..(a "Death Race" inspired Frankenstein not the Mary Shelley monster.) So as I like to have more than one attire on any creation I try building,I started thinking what would /could go with frank, and I started rolling thru car racing related characters and I settled on the old "RacerX "character from SPEED RACER, a damn fine fit...

I enjoy throwing in ideas like that when you get bored with simple color changes it helps to twist it a little.

For instance ..I downloaded a King Kong Bundy when I first started with WWE13 it was weak with just one attire and for some strange reason it had dumbo ears( if you ever really look at Bundy you'd swear he didn't have ears they are seriously flat to his head)

Anyway, I had just put together my Cobra Kai Kreese character and was looking around for tag team partner ideas, I thought what the hell Bundy was a Bully and so was Sensei Kreese it'll make a great team . So I spent a little time making the Bundy I had more connected to the Cobra Kai ...I took a couple tries putting Bundy in a Karate Gi but it wasn't really sparking .But ,as soon as I put that hood thing on him ..there it was ..a pretty comical connection with Bundy in a ninja costume the New Jersey niNJa was born(ala Chris Farley in 'Beverly Hills Ninja')....it got even better when I put those Stars and Stripes boxers on Bundy and suddenly "Butter Bean" Bundy was there. I put Cobra Kai Kreese in USA Karate pants and the 'Ugly Americans' gag was complete.

So that leads into my latest try for the Fourth of July I put together a muscle bound Uncle Sam which obviously is a 1 attire character I mean you can't redress Uncle Sam...I started looking around for some way to twist in another character..late last night it came to me as I watched Baseball tonight..."Dale Torborg!"....If you're saying "WHO? Or WTF IS A Dale Torborg?" Dale was a career minor leaguer who got inspired by Hogan and Savage to become a wrestler Dale was also a lifelong fan of KISS ...Yes he was the KISS DEMON wrestler..I put the second attire on Uncle Sam this morning It's a strange but interesting combination...capitalism it's awesome!

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Hey Y'All, what's new? For me it's been the search for ..and creation of ..signature/ finishing moves ..I want to acknowledge a couple guys on CC that put up moves that I've DL'd and adapted for some of my roster..

First is "PrudentSkate" for a move he called "Spikey Floor" It was a great example of an elevated reverse DDT..So I adapted it and renamed it "C4-Skull Blaster" for my "Wreckin'" Ball Character.

Second is "kevin59x880" for a top rope fini he called simply " aneurysm " it's a one arm extended body/frog splash ..I slowed it a little and renamed it " Speeding Bullet Splash " it's the perfect 2nd finisher for a w.i.p (Superman wrestler ) it goes with my "Man of Steel Slam" primary finisher move.

GETTING ON THE SOAPBOX-Notice I'm taking the time to acknowledge the guys/gals/ aliens..whoever who I DL'd the moves from and I even keyword link my move to theirs..I make this exaggerated point to offset a blatant ripoff of my variation by some Weak individual aka (P.O.S)

Sorry for the soapbox, ..not really.

Moving on , I had to separate my combination of Uncle Sam and Demon(KISS) I didn't realize that the Blood red eyes required for the Demon would stick to Uncle Sam .The positive thing to this is it allowed me to put a little more effort into making Uncle Sam a stronger CAW ..still hate putting out a 1attire character..

The Demon on the other hand has now 2 attires the original and a second with "<(LESS) Cape>(MORE) Demon" I also created 2 moves that could either be sigs or finishers , I listed them as " DemonDraino Plunges #1 " there both high twist /torque moves from either a Samoan / Argentine clutch..

I'm considering creating or placing some of my roster in a Youtube Original caws/ Indy type Fed... I originally thought I would wait for WWE15 ..But I've had ideas of creating a Youtube type Fed for shows but I've been looking for info on how that's accomplished and what all it takes to do that. If anybody out there would like to point out a link or has firsthand knowledge I'd appreciate it.

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As this is my fifth entry in this "My CAW List" I'm going to keep on moving forward with my WWE13 creations. With the nostalgia of the 'Karate Kid' movies listed on AMC tonight I start this with my version of the bully and general bad guy Martin Kove's character Cobra Kai Sensei John Kreese.


1. Cobra Kai Kreese- This is seriously a fun build as the uploads of both the 'Cobra Kai' logo and the MMA/Karate moveset really made the build jump. I built the classic black sleeveless Gi , the second is a slight change with the different colored pants legs and #3 with the USA inspired Stars and Stripes attire. A reminder that I TagTeam linked Cobra Kai Kreese with my reworked King Kong Bundy to form the team (The Bullies).


2. Johnny Big Cat- Johnny is the smaller/ faster of the Big Cat brothers ( Joseph being the bigger, heavier/ more power brother) I made 4 attires the 1st and 4th being the Tag Team gear of "The Cheyenne Dog Soldiers". I made the 2nd and 3rd attires being more for singles competition but still able to tag together as the colors were done as variations of the same designs. Even tried to keep their singles match finishers similar. With White Noise #1 and #2 split between the Big Cat brothers.


3. Joseph Big Cat- As I said Joseph is bigger heavier a true heavyweight . The same spit of attires the 1st and 4th being aimed at the brothers " Cheyenne Dog Soldiers " Tag team and #'s 2,3 slanted towards singles competition.


I'm trying out a -LARGER THAN - superman lookalike "Super*Omega" not sure I gonna stay with it..

As I stated in previous entries here if interested I encourage you to look up my roster and created content and give me your honest feedback.

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Hey Y'All, I start this entry with a more detailed breakdown of my latest CAW -The LARGER Sized- Superman...


"Super*Omega"-Omega started off as a classic 'Superman' clone but as I looked around there's more than enough of those so I switched him up into a super heavyweight type and it seems to be more enjoyable. Put my "Man of Steel Slam" ,and my adapted " Speeding Bullet Splash" as finishers. I added 2 additional sets of togs , a Jerry Lawler inspired 'KING' Wrassler thing and a typical WeakAzz wwe type spoof thing called 'SuperChicken'. I kinda see Omega as the ultimate jobber or Eric Young type of worker bee .

If you start him off in that 'SuperChicken' gear .He could then graduate to becoming "Super*Omega" as a face or get all egomaniac and turn into the 'King Omega' as a buffoon type heel...just saying ;)


Thought I'd take a minute to talk about a rework I did a couple weeks ago...I was seriously looking around for a Blue Demon Jr. To add to my Light Heavy/ X Division. I found only one on CC a decent 1 attire .. But he was created at the default height of 6'5"....WHAT?!?

So since I felt compelled to adjust him back to a more reasonable 5'10" ..I added a couple touches to the original attire and added a 2nd attire based on the BlueDemon Mex. SciFi flicks from the 60's or 70's..and then I had to put him in a classic suit WITH mask as a interview/ in ring 3rd.


In my recent search and creation work of Special Moves I put together a couple things that if you get the chance you should look over

1. Spinal Carnage

2. CT&M= Chipped Teeth &Migraine

3. Bounceback Driver

4. 100%' Blu Falcon ' Driven

5. Rains' Invisible Drop- a sig for my Claude Rains CAW

6. Ichiban Express- a sig for my Sumo Ichiban CAW

7. Demon Draino Plunge#1 and #2- made for my version of the DEMON(Kiss)

8. Man Of Steel Slam

9. C4- Skull Blaster- which apparently has been lifted and copied literally unchanged. ( Wow, really?)

10. X Marks The Spot!- for the "Immortal" Mister X..


I've got a couple things in the works ..so I talk at you later.

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I got bored and distracted from this and traded in my games ..after getting an X1 for Christmas and seeing the 'joke' that wrestling is in 15..I was done.

Well, recently got the itch to revive this.But instead I picked up WWE14 ..So I'm slowly moving what I can remember and recreate it in 14.. Look for me there. I've got X and Ichiban and Nitro up on CC already.

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