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Fight Me.

Bound For Glory 2014 Location + Poster Revealed

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I actually like this



Yea, it's not that bad of a move when you think about it. It's obvious they're going to use their partnership with Wrestle-1 at this event, I imagine some pretty good inter-promotional matches to be booked for this event. Not only that but this actually makes BFG seem like a pretty big deal when their WM is held out of state, in a legendary wrestling venue like the Tokyo Dome or Korauken Hall. Also because of their partnership with W1, I think they'll have some help in filling the place up, unlike here in the States. I also tend to believe that Japan fans hold TNA in a higher standard than we do. Not like "TNA is awesome" sort of way, but I think Japan wrestling fans actually respect TNA based on the talent they have, how good the talent is, and what they TRY to do with some of that talent,

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