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Keywords: WCW, WWE, ECW, Invasion or search for Silenthero83 on Playstation Network.


Over 1 month of pure WWE/WCW action based in the early 2000s.


  • 44 matches
  • 174 scenes
  • The Attitude era's greatest athlets
  • WCW's finest
  • Including real Invasion arena


Don't worry this isn't just another re-play the past story as I tried to stick to some historic facts but you'll soon experience that there are alot of things totally different then they were back in 2001.


For example this Invasion storyline is NOT another McMahon vs. McMahon feud and WCW will strike with their big players, not with guys like The Hurricane or Stasiak for those who remember ;-)


Below you'll find a teaser used during the storyline and the Invasion PPV card. Please let me know what you think of it and if it's worth going on since this is planned as being the kickoff story for at least 3 parts of WCW/WWE Invasion storylines.



"Hard times don't create heroes.

It's during the hard times when

the 'hero' within us is revealed."

- Bob Riley


There have been hard times for WWE in recent weeks.

Our shows have been invaded, our leaders have been battered and bruised.

Some have been severely injured and others lost their faith.

We have been robbed of our champions and they have done everything they could to hurt our pride.


But tonight we raise our voices and we will make ourselves heard as we stand tall against all those who have turned their backs on us,

all those who have tried to break us and all those who are still trying.

YES, there have been hard times, but tonight the heroes withing us will be revealed.


Tonight we will lay it all on the line.

Tonight we will fight and tonight


Tonight it's time for


(Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian) Team WWE vs. Team WCW (Eddie Guerrero, DDP & Kanyon)


Rob van Dam © vs. Jeff Hardy


Chris Jericho © vs. Chris Benoit

First Blood Match

The Undertaker vs. The Big Show

No-hold-barred Tag Team Match

looser has to split up

The APA vs. The Outsiders

Submission Match

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair

Hell in a Cell Match

WWE Commissioner Mick Foley vs. WCW Commissioner William Regal

WCW Heavyweight Championship Inferno Match

Kane vs. Booker T ©

Bonus Main Event

w/ Stone Cold and Hollywood Hogan as ringside enforcers

Triple H vs. Goldberg

Just noticed I forgot to mention:




Only available on Playstation 3

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