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War Among Men series (360) *Uploaded*

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Over the weekend I've uploaded 2 new stories over the weekend in a 3 part series "War Among Men". Episodes 1 & 2 are already on XBL and there is DLC included in both stories before hand. I've made sure to get rid of any errors (on my part) so that users can just play along smoothly through both stories.


Overview of Episodes 1 & 2:


War Among Men Ep.1


*WWE World Championship is vacant what will be done to fill the vacany

*Who will win the vacant WWE WHC?


War Among Men Ep.2


*What will happen the night after Payback on Raw?

*Daniel Bryan returns but when and will he be able to regain the WWE WHC again?

*The end of a tag team

*A superstar determined to become revelant again


XBL Gamertag: wcook2007

Search: War Among Men Ep.1 & War Among Men Ep.2


Note:There might may be a space between the period and numerial at the end of the tag when searching the stories

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