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Technically three screenshots fused into one. I've deleted some games that I bought, but these are the ones I kept in my permanent library. Also have Minecraft coming in the mail tomorrow. Still need to get Mario Kart and Mario Tennis...but I hate spending $45+ for games these days. I'll suck it up eventually, because Nintendo games never come down in price.



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Fable Anniversary







God the model for the Heroes face in anniversary is just awful..

It actually looks pretty good to me in that screenshot but yeah, later through out the game and cutscenes it looks very weird and none of the hair styles looks good on him



They really should've just remade the same face the original game had for the Hero Of Oakvale.

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Ryse: Son of Rome


I know a lot complained about this game being a huge demo when it was released, but I gave it a go later on down the road and I didn't mind it. Was longer than I thought it was and was somewhat fun.

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