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It does feel incredibly limited. It sucks that they took so many steps back. Should have never gone to EA. But, it is what it is. Still worth $9.90, IMO. Maybe I'm enjoying it because I haven't played a UFC game since 2009...and even though that was a better game, like I said...it's still been long enough that I guess I can play this one without comparing too much. I wouldn't go as far as to say that everyone has the same moves though. Some guys have superman punches, some guys have devastating haymakers, some guys have spinning backfists, some guys have flying knees...I feel like you can feel the reach advantage/disadvantage easily as well...and some guys are definitely quicker than others. If you fight an opponent with a strong ground game, you can definitely feel the pressure when you're on your back, too. Still, there could always be more variety, yeah...


The amount of damage that opponents can take is absurd though. I miss that most about the old UFC games...because, I can hit a flying knee from across the cage, then land a huge headkick and an uppercut immediately after, and the opponent is unphased. That would be a knockout combo 100% of the time in real life...

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You'd need to play UFC3. It's maybe one of THQs finest accomplishments when it comes to sport based games. Still holds up today. Everything is unique to the fighter, it has PRIDE and its championships and rules. You can copy an ingamer and save as a caw to use in career. So good.

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Does the rebreather actually work? Can you wear that and just go underwater whenever you want? Because that would be pretty sweet.

It has a timer, but you can buy like 20 and pretty much go as far down as you like.

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Learning how to add screenshots from 3DS and Wii U. Think I got this shit figured out now.



Here's a drawing from Pokemon Art Academy (3DS). Hand is kinda *censored*ed up...




Damn that's quality mate.

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The menacing United States Champion Luke Harper smelling the air that must be cleaner than his shirt




Creepy Far Cry 4 glitch




A beautiful work of art I made, I call it "The Fall of an Eagleman"




The Fallow Mire, the most beautiful area in DA: Inquisition




The villa in Emerald Graves




My Inquisitor



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