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Project CARS?

That looks like Forza Horizon 2

It is FH2. I want to get it eventually.


Only played the Fast & Furious standalone version of it (which was great).

I had it when I had had my Xbox One, and beat. It was really fun, but once I beat it, I got bored of it. The customization is great, but not exactly my style. I prefer more of Midnight Club style racing games/customization.

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What next, Michael Myers?

Fighting games, especially MK always have guest characters. They've had Kratos before. Even Soul Caliber has had Yoda and Darth Vader. It's hardly anything new.



Also Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed was in Soul Calibur V, lol.

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Decided to give Dragon Age another go, wanted a char I never had before, so it came down to male elf or female human. Made a human and... well, she became the People's Champ right away.




Was too slow capping it unfortunately, it was even more bugged out a few seconds before I made the pic.

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