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I still like Vice City's graphics...in a "they're really bad" sort of way. There's something nice about playing a game that looks like a game.

Damn, I thought I was alone on preferring to play a game with older graphics than the photorealistic shit out now



I can still play NES titles with ease and not go 'eww' like a lot of these entitled gamers nowadays.


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This is what happens when you make empty threats to my Sith Inquisitor.



^ As you can see, he wasn't the first guy. The first guy got tossed across the room and up against a wall, lol.


My Jedi Consular and his Padawan, surrounded by Sith.




And here's my bounty hunter.


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On windows 8, you can press the windows icon and PrtSc at the same time and it will save a screenshot of your computer to a folder in "pictures" named "screenshots"...without needing to paste it in a program, edit it, etc. Just thought I'd throw that one out there...because I didn't know about it until recently myself. This eliminates the need to stop and edit screenshots before taking a new one...because you can just keep saving a bunch and edit them later.

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Yeah that's Horizon 2 and I never played Forza 5, but I'm positive that it has more of a fun factor & replay value to it than the track racing Forzas. This game gives you more freedom and doesn't take it's self too seriously

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