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  • All Board/RPG Section rules apply.
  • Face(s)/Heel(s) are preferred dispositions. If you want to be a Tweener you can, just make sure you tween. If I feel you're leaning more towards face or heel, I will simply change your characters listed disposition.
  • Make your own application. For real wrestlers make sure you include name/disposition and finisher as well if there is a certain move you would like used. Applications for CAWs must of course be more detailed (Look at the CAW Biography thread for examples).
  • Any character from video games, movies, comic books or television shows are banned, along with anyone who is deceased.
  • I can deny applications without providing reason.
  • Four characters per person. More permitted if (you and) I think you can handle more. (note; managers don't count)
  • For every two male characters, you must have one female character
  • No Auto-Attacks unless given permission by the other role-player.
  • Dont argue in the topic. Take it to PM or Skype etc.
  • Make your own feuds. Dont rely on hope of being written into one.
  • Contact me if you have any questions.
  • Feuds > Quality > Quantity.
  • Try to be as active as possible.
  • If you are inactive for a long period without telling me, I will remove you from the roster.
  • Have fun.
  • Be creative.
  • With the large amount of promos recently, from this moment on. If you want to promo on the show, you need to now notify me to check whether there are spots open (amount of spots depend on the number of matches). Any promos sent to me that I am not told about in advance will not be included in the show.

Owner: Avram Shalom

General Manager: Sora
Commentators: Joey Styles, Matt Striker and Mike Stokes
Ring Announcer: Gavin Loudspeaker
Backstage Interviewers: Renee Young & Byron Saxton
Senior Referee: Bryce Remsburg
Referees: Slick Johnson, Todd Sinclair and Daizee Haze
Writer(s): iSmex., KingsReignSupreme, Mike (PM me if you would like to become a writer)

Show Name: RAGE
When: Wednesday
Venue: SCWrestling Arena
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Latest Match Card: Page 205
Latest Show: Page 217

Show Name: Adrenaline
When: Saturday
Venue: SCWrestling Arena
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Latest Match Card: Page 218
Latest Show: Page 226

PPV Name: Wrestlestock
Day: Saturday
Date: August
Theme: 'I'm Just Here for the Free Beer' - Zebrahead
Venue: Madison Square Gardens
Location: New York City, NY
PPV Match Card: TBD
PPV Results: TBD

PPV Pre-Show: TBD

February: Freefall
April: SCW Mania
May: Red, White, And Blood
August: Wrestlestock
October: Fright Club
December: Cold Snap

SCW Championship: Calvin Rodgers

SCW Transatlantic Championship: Aaron Starr
SCW Womens Championship: Rima
SCW Tag Team Championship: BuzzyHitHouse

Aaron Starr [application]

Adrian Neville
Andy Smith [application]
Archie Sebastian Chalmers III [application]
Calvin Rodgers [application]
Cupid Loving [application]
Erika Ward [application]
Izzy [application]
Jack Ashville [application]
Jayce Cruz [application]
Jayson Addair [application]
Lance Steele [application]
Lara Parks [application]
Marcus [application]

Robert Heat [application]
Romeo [application]
Troy Pierce [application]
Yoshino Nakano [application]

Alex Branning [application]

Banksy [application]

Bo Dallas
Broom [application]
Ernie Osiris
Gabriel Gospel [application]
Hayley Webb [application]
Jackie Bruce [application]
JJ Reality [application]
Jon Jrygin [application]
Lea West [application]
Martin Pearce [application]
Mikhal Volkov [application]

Owen Young [application]
Rima [application]
Shawn Hunter [application]
The Groupie [application]
Tiffany [application]
Zakk Night [application]


Casino [application]

James Wright [application]
Luna [application]

Tag Team(s)/Faction(s)
#fabulous [david's dudes]

Australia United [troy pierce & lance steele]
Bosiris [bo dallas & ernie osiris]
I&E [erika ward & izzy]
The Bluecore [andy smith and jack ashville]
The BuzzyHitHouse [jackie bruce & owen young]
PsychoCyanide [calvin rodgers, jayson addair & co.]

Lana [managing Ion Vasile]
Luther [managing Jayce Cruz]

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Personal Information:


Jonathan Jrygin

Ring Name:

Jon Jrygin


The Past, Present and Future of Professional Wrestling

The Whole Package

SCW's Finest

Literally a million other things he refers to himself as

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 225 lbs

Age: 25 years old

Billed from: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Disposition: Heel

Wrestling Information:


A superstar returning from an extended hiatus and seeking his lost glory. He truly believes he is the best in the world and will go to any length to prove that. An ultimate opportunist, Jon does anything and everything in his power to score the win and look damn good doing it.

In Ring Style:

A technical high flyer, similar closes to Chris Jericho

Ring Attire:

Black tights with silver stars climbing up his trunks. Wrestling boots with JRYGIN up the kickpads. For his entrance, he wears a hooded vest and a necklace. Thematically, it's very similar to AJ Styles, but with more "Starstruck"

Entrance Theme: "Break" by Three Days Grace

Moveset Information:


The Hangover (Rear Naked Choke)
Skullcrusher (Think Seth Rollin's curb stomp, but utilizes it more varied, such as from the turnbuckle, springboard, etc)

Signature Moves:

-The Best in The Biz (Punt Kick)

-Good Night Irene (Roundhouse kick to the head)

-Spike Hurracanrana

-Dropout (Front Flip Senton)

- Jryginator (Brainbuster)

Regular Moves:
-Think Chris Jericho, AJ Styles and Kazarian
- A kickboxing style, with a focus on closed fist punches and kicks.
- Some springboard moves, similar to Kaz and CM Punk. Springboard clotheslines, leg drops, etc.
- Submissions focusing on the head
- Knee and elbow strikes
- Variety of suplexs that a light heavyweight would use. Think things like wrist suplexs, northern lights, etc
-Sharpshooter (He's canadian)
- Utilizes running moves frequently thanks to an amazing conditioning program
- Shining Wizards
-Arm Drags
-Triangle Dropkick
-Irish whip into DDT

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Lana <The Ice Queen>


Real Name: Catherine Joy "CJ" Perry

Ring Name: Lana

Disposition: Heel


- The Ravishing Russian

- The Ice Queen

Billed From: Moscow

Entrance Theme

"State Anthem of the Russian Federation"

Managing: Ion Vasile


Caws.ws Best Character Portrayal 2014

Your Name: Ipse

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Calvin Rodgers

Jayson Addair

Jimmy Dice

Lara Parks


Tyler Moore


380lbs (Calvin/Jayson)

244lbs (Lara/Sora)


'Gold Cobra' - Limp Bizkit


Total Wipeout USA [here]

Dual Camshot


CR/JA Rush [here]

Double Superkick

Aided Dropkick

Calf Kick/Sweep

STO/Russian Legsweep

Catapult into Cutter/DDT/Elbow/Kick/Headbutt

Flapjack DDT

Reverse STO/Enzuigiri

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Lana | The Ice Queen


Well, that is it. Lana has just finished brokering a deal between the "Romanian Ravager" Ion Vasile and Second City Wrestling. That's done. You know what that means? It's the 300 pound plus beast from Romania who is now officially on it's roster. Ion Vasile is, as said before, a beast. A beast who had defeated the likes of the Undertaker, Kane, and many others in Aussieland. He is called the Romanian Ravager for a reason you know. So now that Ion Vasile is signed, there is no question that the sky is the limit for him. Lana sees quite a bit of big names on SCW's roster so far. Some who have made their not-so-big names outside WWE, and people who are just big names. But don't worry, Ion Vasile will vanquish them all and get to the top, don't you worry! So right now, Lana is now boarding her private jet in Moscow, Russia to the United States, Ion Vasile should be on his way from Bucharest to the US as well.

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Ion Vasile | Romanian Ravager

Now enter Ion Vasile, the Romanian Ravager. Ion Vasile has enjoyed his time wrestling in Aussieland quite a bit. It was fun, becoming one half of the tag team champions and defeating people like the Undertaker there. It was great, but now Ion looked for new challenges and found them in Second City Wrestling. On SCW's newly minted website, Ion Vasile sees some familiar names. Glen Cody is someone who Ion faced and beaten, badly in a No DQ match, and others are names that Ion has heard of but haven't faced yet, but whoever they are, Ion Vasile is here to dominate, to that end, Ion Vasile has enlisted Lana as his new manager. Lana's negotiating skills have netted Ion Vasile some pretty good perks. His own locker room and a very nifty salary. Her voice will also be able to get Vasile far indeed. So right now, Ion Vasile is right now smoking a cigar as he awaits for his flight to Miami, Florida Chicago to be readied. Look out America, Ion Vasile is going to take it by storm, just as he took Australia by storm

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Real Name
-jeannie rose
Ring Name
-jeannie rose
-punk princess
Date of Birth
-December 25 1990

-london england
Billed From
-london england
Billed Height
-5 3
Billed Weight
Wrestling Style(s)
-Lucha libre
-punk rocker
Short Biography
-jeannie has always liked to entertain people and liked music.seens middle school she has been in punk rock bands with friends,after finishing high school she decides time to make it big and wants to go to hollywood,unfortunately she is bad atdirections and ends up in texas not sure what to do she gets a job playing at a bar,there she meets donna a bartender working that dreams about being a wrestler,they become friends and jeannie wants to help,together they make enough money for wrestling school,donna ask jeannie to come too,thinking it sounds fun jeannie decides to put her music on hold and takes off with her friend on a new adventure
Entrance Theme
-Avril Lavigne - What The Hell

Finishing Move(s)
-Blitzkrieg Bop (like ultimo dragons ddt but at the top of flips she changes drictions and drops forward into a stunner)[/size]
the blondie bomber ( 450 back flip into a double foot stomp)

twisted sister(La Mística)
-rock and roller( Canadian Destroyer)

I Wanna Be Sedated(hand stand head scissors into a triangle choke)

Search and Destroy(spring board 450 splash)

Signature Moves

Kick Out the Jams(cody rhodes disaster kick)

shooting star press-

spiderman(spider german suplex)

-shining wizard

-rolling thunder

-springboard elbow drop

-springboard leg drop

-cartweel elbow drop

-matrix evasion


-cartweel elbow drop

-handspring splash

Rider Kick

handspring back elbow

handstand legdrop

-cartwheel splash


german suplex pin

northern lights suplex pin

super kick

the Worm

frog splash

butt butt(Jumping hip attack,running,diving,springbord)

Bridging cobra clutch

Muta Lock

Bridging double chickenwing

Bridging arm triangle choke

Regular Moves

-victory roll

sunset flip

small package
-tornado ddt(standing,out of corner,springbord)
-drop kick(standing,runing,springbord,off top roe)
-moonsult(off top rope,standing,springbord,to standing opponent)
-top rope crossbody,running crossbody,springboard crossbody
-slice bread #2(regular and with her and opponent on top rope super version)

-whisper in the wind
-double foot stomp(tope rope,running,standing,springbord)

-School of rock(old school into sunset flip powerbomb)
-British bulldog(springboard standing,running,driving,opponent on top rope))

-pele kick(regular and run up turnbukle version used as counter to geting thrown into coner)
-Taekwondo and Capoeira kicks

-springboard moonsult

-handspring splash

-Rolling Koppu Kick


-cannonball senton.

mokey filp(standing,in corner,running,)

Spinning wheel kick((running,springbored,diving)


Real Name
-donna wolf
Ring Name
-donna wolf
-Houston hurricane
Date of Birth
-july 4 1984
-Houston Texas
Billed From
-Houston Texas
Billed Height
Billed Weight
Wrestling Style(s)
-power,brawler,old school
Short Biography
-growing up in texas donna was a wrestling fan at a early age watching wrestlers like the funks and von erichs with her dad,she was a big fan of stan hansen liking his rough tough cowboy character and his lariat,her favorite was the undertaker he was large than life, he had such a presence to him,his entrance was the best she'd get chills watching him,then once he got to the ring he was even better he could do anything he was big and strong but he could move like a smaller wrestle like when he'd dives over the ropes or the old school,also he was unstoppable he'd just get back up no matter what he was hit with just when she thought he couldn't get any cooler he switched to the american bad ass and she found out that he was from Houston, Texas,she couldn't believe it her hero was from her home town,it got even better cause WrestleMania X-Seven was in Houston,her dad got tickets and she final got see him live,after watching that she decided that was what she wanted to do with her life be just like him and the others wrestler she watched growing up,so she got a job bartending to save up money for wrestling school there she meets jeannie rose a ditzy singer that got lost on her way to hollywood,they become friends,jeannie decides she wants to try wrestling too so they making enough for them to go to wrestling school and donna sets off to live her dream with her new friend

Entrance Theme
-Yankee Rose - Teresa James

Finishing Move(s)
-Texas twister(airplane spin tombstone piledriver,)

-Western Lariat

-Texas cloverleaf

-hells gate

ko punch

-heart punch

Signature Moves
-spinning toe hold
-The Iron Claw (face,stomach,and shoulder nerve pinch versions)
-choke slam(regular and off tope rope super

- milltary press slam,backbreaker,gutbuster

-last ride powerbomb(regular and super lastride from top rope
-big boot



-old school

-The Texas Tornado(discus clothesline)

-super kick

-bionic elbow(standing and diving versions)

giant swing

death valley driver


diving elbow drop

big splash(running and diving)

Regular Moves


-mounted punches
-staling vertical suplex
-spear(also uses diving version)
-bearhug(regular and reverse)
-full nelson(standing,grounded and with legs versions)

-sleeper hold

-leg drop

-bulldog(standing,diving and oppnet on tope rope)
-atomic drop

-Abdominal stretch(standing,seated)

-belly to belly suplex(spiniing,overhead,super)

-german suplex(brigding,super)

-torture rack

-punch combo

northern lights suplex

-head scissors

-body scissors

-somoan drop

-knee strikes

-Full nelson slam


Running elbow drop

tag team blondiez

theme Girls Just Want To Have Fun-Cyndi Lauper

finisher thunder struck(shining wizard dooms day device)

stage dive(backbreaker diving foot stomp)

spin cycle(giant swing into dropkick combo)

chiropractor (backstabber/powerbomb)

blonde bomb(frankenstiner into powerbomb)

face eraser(reverse electric chair\springbord bulldog)

sky high(staling vertical suplex\diving crossbody)

X Marks the Spot (Double superkick)

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Ion Vasile | Romanian Ravager

Damn these flight delays (and while we are at it, typos as well). It's 8 degrees celsius in Bucharest and on top of that it's raining as well. The weather is generally crappy in Romania. Ion Vasile heard that the weather is going to be much better in Miami, not so much better in Chicago, as it is called the Windy City. but nonetheless Romania is still going to be the better country though. Now, with these flight delays, Ion just hopes he isn't bored to death, because that would be quite bad, wouldn't it? But that wouldn't happen. #RiseAboveBoredom

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Jon Jrygin | The Whole Package

Jon steps into the UCW arena for the first time after just being signed. With a "Vancouver Canucks" hockey bag slung over his shoulderin his left hand and his cell phone in his right, he heads to his locker room. Jon, wearing a buttoned up dress shirt, black jeans and sunglasses, has the phone pressed to his ear deep in a phone conversation with his agent. After reaching the locker room, he hangs up the phone, drops in his bag and sits down. Pulling out his phone again, he looks over all the different apps he uses daily. Expedia for planning flights between both of his promotions (BAW and UCW)... Facebook, twitter, tinder (dating's easy, but a fisherman gets more fish with as many rods as possible).. and finally the UCW app. He looks over the roster coming in, seeing some familiar faces and some new ones. Eager to address the UCW universe, he begins analyzing each competitor, and looking for material for his next promo.

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With further damage to an already injured right knee courtesy of none other than Gabriel Gospel. It had been a while since anyone had heard or seen from Jayson Addair. Roughly six to eight months, and perhaps most had assumed Jayson had ventured over to Japan, Mexico, or Europe to show off his craft. But that wasn't the case, those months were instead spent sat on the sidelines of wrestling, nursing a nagging injury back to perfect and complete health. It was only recently that this level of health had been achieved, and right away Avram Shalom swept in to secure the signature of the 'best in the world' before anyone else could. Right now the 'hubba bubba nightmare' (yes, that nickname is random as hell, and a complete joke) would step inside a wrestling arena for the first time in a long time. It felt quite familiar, seeing backstage workers rush around, carrying equipment and discussing what's to come. A smile spread across the face of the 'misfit' who then proceeded to advance through the hallways, keeping an eye out for anyone he may already know. Yes, he was alone, for now. No Sora, yet. Yes - they are still together. no gooby pls.


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A surprise would come to the face of young Glen Cody - who just recently appeared in WWE as a surprise pick in a pick your poison match up. Since, he was offered contracts by WWE and UCW but ended up going for UCW even though his mentor was in WWE. Gotta go it alone at some point, right? anyway back to the point. Standing across from the hall upon first arrive was Jayson Addair, a massive name in professional wrestling. May as well go over and say hello, even though it's likely he doesn't even know who Glen Cody is.


GC: "Oh erm hello Mr Addair. How are you? I'm Glen Cody. I'm a big fan of yours having seen you wrsetle all over the World. Of course not as big of a fan as I am for The Boltonian Marcus but he was my mentor and trained me to fight, so that's to be acceped! ...anyway again, I'm Glen Cody and it's nice to meet you..."


Glen would awkwardly put his hand out. The kid's still pretty shy.

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Ion Vasile | Romanian Ravager

Wait a minute? Marcus taught Glen Cody how to fight? That explains why he is so weak. So finally the stupid Bucharest airport officials are letting people board their flights. It took them long enough. Now Ion Vasile then takes his leave on and proceeds to go on board. Ion Vasile is going to miss Romania, but don't worry, he is going to the so-called Land of Opportunity. Ion Vasile is going to take America by storm, so Americans, get ready to kneel before the Romanian Ravager, because he is going to be the first ever SCW World Champion!

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So this Glen Cody guy is Marcus' protege, eh? Never would've guessed. Unless he rocks a Marcus jumper. "Not a big fan of guys named Glen...". Immediately upon hearing the name Glen did Addair think back to his old nemesis; Glenn 'The Janitor' ???. This guy didn't carry a mop though, so his story checks out, right? "Good to meet you, Glen... I guess. I somehow knew you were a Marcus fan... I don't know why, you just have that... look. Where's Ramirez at anyway". That nickname is the last remnants of Tyler Moore - never shall it be forgotten. Oh, and leaving him hanging brah.

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Well Glen knew the basics but Marcus taught him a lot during their time together.

Nah Glen wrestles with no shirt on. The women probably love it.

GC: "Marcus fans have a certain look? ...what would that be? well whatever it doesn't matter. Anyway as I said, it's good to meet you too. Where's Ramirez? - Marcus mentioned a few times about that name, I don't find it funny myself. Anyway he's in WWE and has a match for the WWE World Title at Extreme Rules. It's pretty big stuff. He chose me to be a poison pick choice and I had a chance to impress and win a WWE contract but eh, now I'm here. Anyway it shouldn't be too bag if there's big names like you here. So what have you done since kidnapping Daniel Bryan's girlfriend?"

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What are these accusations?! "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa... I didn't kidnap anyone's Girlfriend, okay? I was a pure Gentlemen. After the well deserved ass kickings Bryan received, he deserved a moment of pure joy. So I brought him his Girlfriend... I was the nicest, most well behaved Gentlemen, Glen. Seems Marcus didn't tell you when you're supposed to keep your mouth hole shut". Seriously, that should've been lesson one. "If Marcus is getting a World Title opportunity, surely you as his biggest, number one fan... you should be there, right? Go on... leave this ol' place and go support your dear pal". Or maybe Dynamite is the better friend afterall.

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GC: "I saw it on the TV when I watched FWA and it was pretty funny, Marcus didn't agree with it but I enjoyed it. No need to be rude though. Learn when to keep your mouth shut? kinda rude don't ya think?"

Glen realised he was getting a little bit worked up, something he tries to avoid doing after a time he once blew up when talking to his tag partner for the night who was angry at him.

GC: "Why am I not in WWE with Marcus? Well I was a pick your poison choice and they offered a contract after I did the match but it was to be in NXT and I wasn't happy with that. I was then messaged about this opportunity and took it. May as well see what I can do on my own..."

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Lana | The Ice Queen

Lana is now on her private jet enroute to Chicago, Illinois as she is going to take the role of being the ambassador and agent to the "Bucharest Butcher" Ion Vasile. Lana feels that Ion Vasile will be the greatest specimen she will ever manage. Lana will take Vasile to the stars she will assure you. So right now, it's still a long wait until her jet touches ground in the States, Lana right now sits in her very comfortable seat and has a sip from a glass of wine. People of America, be ready to rise up for Ion Vasile!

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