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In an attempt to Render Sandow,I somehow list my entire save.Im working hard on retrieving it,but some reason everytime I try to inject more than 1 caw the save corrupt again (brand new save) So I'll be trying my hardest to get him done but at this rate I have no idea when it could be.Sorry man :(

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Just an update. I tried rendering my Sandow,in the process of doing so,my save file went corrupt. I pretty much lost ALL my caws besides Randy Orton and Gregory Helms from my Ruthless Aggression topic and m Undertaker. Thats because I wrote their formulas down,didnt do so with the rest. I however still have the .cas files. I sent them to Samy to see if he could inject and get the formulas for me so I can re make these caws. So as of right now I'm remaking Undertaker, I'll most likely remake Orton to put in here,also. If anyone wants Gregory Helms,speak up,if you want to see what he looks like go to my Ruthless Aggression topic,

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