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Diva Entrance Formulas

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Hi. Sorry, not quite sure how this site works yet but I've seen good diva caws that are going to get released so if anyone has some good formulas for any diva who isn't in game..it'd be amazing if you'd post them here. I really would like one for Alicia Fox and Tamina.

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I use WWE 13 so some of these may need improvised if not available in WWE 14.


Madison Rayne Entrance:


Stage: Eve


Ramp: Kelly Kelly


In Ring: Kelly Kelly


Ring: Brie Bella


Music: Custom, Killa Queen


Movie: Stephanie McMahon





Stage: Diva 11


Ramp: Diva 13


In Ring: Diva 13


Ring: Kelly Kelly


Music: Custom, Emmalution/Short Term Memory


Movie: NXT or Santino Marella



Angelina Love:


Stage: Kelly Kelly


Ramp: Diva 4


In Ring: Diva 16


Ring: Diva 16


Music: Custom, Angel on my Shoulder


Movie: Lita





Stage: Diva 9


Ramp: Diva 9


In Ring: Miz


Ring: Brie Bella


Music: Custom, Smashed in Faces


Movie: NXT


I hope some of these are good, I spent a years worth of work perfecting Divas in WWE 13, I think these formulas cold still work in WWE 14, depends on if certain entrances are in the game. :)

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for paige's enterance is that advanced? and what about championship motion?


I for one just kind of downloaded her and she had a pretty simple one, it mostly just walking without doing anything.


Oh and for Fandango's new dance partner I chose her first two as French Beauty and the other three being Layla. And her theme song and video as Fandango.

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