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My PSP can Keep Throwing 'Em...I keep Hitting 'Em

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My PSP found a way to malfunction in a permanent fashion (the R button stopped working altogether), but, as is my nature, I found YET ANOTHER workaround to one of my PSP's "tantrums".


I simply remapped the R button's function onto the SELECT button, while the START button became the new "Cross" button, and the Cross button assumed the role of the new "START" button.


With this setup (and my new "maxed-out AI" sliders--makes the AI even tougher to defeat, though I still usually win), I just had a nail-biter of a match between my Mewtwo CAW (with a 98 overall--equal to that of the Undertaker!) and Zack Ryder, of all people. Even though he can only claim an 82 overall (and that's with a slightly enhanced Submission attribute of 80), he took Mewtwo to "Painville", and actually managed to land his "Zack Attack" finisher, which apparently is quite powerful, as it was the only finisher Zack landed for the whole match, and with all the reversals back and forth, it wore Mewtwo out, but the climax of the match was twofold: the first leverage-pin transition series I had against Ryder went to SEVEN transitions before 'Two finally kicked out (didn't want to risk losing the match trying for yet another reversal), and the second went for a still-impressive five transitions, before Mewtwo, once again, kicked out. 'Two went on to win the match following a pair of "Mewtron Bomb" finishers (Mewtwo, like all my other CAWs, can use their created finisher as their signature move, for a double-whammy effect). The Mewtron Bomb is a World's Strongest Slam from a military press lift, making it look about twice as punishing as Mark Henry's favorite match-ender.

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