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Story Designer Problems!

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Ok, so im not sure if this topic goes in this fourm but i guess it can be moved.

anyway some people have been getting some problems about story designer NO im not talking about the gitch where your CAWS go back to default when you upload it to CC. I'm talking about when your in the process of creating a story and only certain CAWS will work in scenes otherwise it will crash or freeze...i think i may have found two ways around it now one way;create all your MATCHES FIRST!!!and then set the scenes (in the place you want it to be) which brings me to the second way; go back and choose the superstar you want to use in a scene in a match (you dont have to keep the match...just delete the match after the scene is done!) so explaination time...after you set the match go to scene and choose the animation you want to use (if the scene freezes just turn off your PS3 or Xbox for 2 hours) now heres the problem solver when you see the CAW name in yellow that means that CAW is already in use which Create a story would think that caw is in the right place, and will read it as 1-10 CAWS (the reason i say this is because story designer has a problem with only CAWS under 1-20 and will freeze) but since it thinks the CAWS are in between the number 1-20 it will load properly so after you pick your CAW that you want in that scene REMEMBER THE CAW HAS TO BE IN YELLOW! just do whatever you want...again if you dont want that caw in a match just delete the match after the scene is done!

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