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svredit_v22 help request

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Could someone please give me a tutorial on how to use SvRedit more detailed than the extremely vague readme it comes with? I'm sorry to sound like a total n00b, but, to turn a phrase, I've been wrestling a losing battle against this program meant to edit a particular wrestling game, SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 for the PS2/PSP.


It seems to be what I call a "Borg-type problem"--that is, a problem that actually adapts to whatever solution I come up with, thus rendering that solution null and void, forcing me back to "square one". I've tried about a dozen different ways to solve this problem, but it appears to be able to counteract every single solution I've come up with.


The best I can make this program do is simply extract the ch(n).pac files. However, I can't make it do anything beyond that--I can't establish a localhost server (my computer has unnamed restrictions in place--of course, the error message stating such refuses to state WHAT the restrictions are).


I've tried running the program via the Command Prompt (cmd.exe)--no go: the command prompt doesn't recognize "svredit_psp.bat" as a valid command name (go figure).


I've tried double-clicking the above file, and it brings me to an HTML file, but the link "ENTER THE EDITOR" doesn't work--it STILL brings up that blasted "restrictions are in effect" error message, deliberately omitting what those restrictions are, thus leaving me at a total loss as to how to proceed further.


Somebody, anybody, please help me out here! I'm almost to the point of pulling my very short hair out in sheer frustration!

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