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WWE 2K14: I need help deciding which movie and mini-tron to pick for my caws?

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Hi everybody!!! i just need people's opinion for what titantrons and minitrons to put for my caws
in create an entrance. :rant: i got piss off when they remove create a entrance video feature and i am having
trouble to pick what movie and minitron for my superstars. so i will like your opinion about which movie and
minitron that i should use for my caws. Also, tell me what to turn off or on in stage display.

How to answer:

Minitron: (answer)

Movie: (answer)

Stage Movie Display


Header: on/off

Wall: on/off

Electronic Billboard: on/off

Mini-Tron: on/off



Explain: you don't need to answer but i will like to hear your opinion about why you chose this.

here is my list of caws that i want opinions from you

1. Big E Langston


??2. Goldust


??3. Alicia fox


??4. Brad Maddox


??5. Bray Wyatt


??6. Luke Harper


??7. Erick Rowan


??8. Nikki Bella


??9. Brie Bella


??10. Curtis axel


??11. Diego


?12. Fernando


13. Fandango


??14. Hunico


??15. Jey Uso


?16. Jimmy Uso

17. Paul Heyman


?18. Rosa mendes


?19. Stephanie McMahon


??20. Tamina Snuka


??21. Tyson Kidd


22. Rob van dam

if you want to tell me a single entrance video (example: jack swagger) you can.

thank you!!! :)

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