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The Most Horribly Broken Piece of an Otherwise Great Game

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Two words: Hot. Tag.


Seriously, what was THQ thinking, when they implemented the nigh-impossible task of hitting a series of insanely tiny timing windows(as in less than a tenth of a second apiece), AND hitting the correct button to boot during each one, whereas the AI doesn't have to bother with that sorry mess...they get to do hot tags AUTOMATICALLY!


It would've been a tiny bit easier if all you had to do was hit the Cross button during each prompt. I would probably be able to succeed at about a quarter of all hot tags if that were the case. However, the ephemeral flash of a RANDOM button icon makes it much more difficult than it needs to be.


Of course, if THQ had done the wise thing, they would've made the hot tag be like a kip-up maneuver, and only available to tag teams containing a character with the kip-up ability. In short, it would've been automatic, and not available to absolutely every single tag team.



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Most problems this game has have solutions, including the hot-tag issue (behold the Power of the Pause! LOL). However, one issue still remains: you cannot create number-one contenders' matches, at all. However, why would you need to create such a match when you can just create title matches whenever you want--even on SuperStars (I've held a few on this supposedly "minor" show)! You can even have RAW superstars challenge for SmackDown titles...on SmackDown itself!


Yes, you do have total control over every superstar's destiny in Universe mode, but you have learn how to have total control (via title matches, RAW versus SmackDown superstars, et cetera).


However, you can easily mess things up royally if you accidentally forget to strip a tag team of the Unified titles before changing their weight class. I dub this occurrence THE Tag-Team-Erasing Glitch from Hell. It does just as its name implies: erases every single tag team on your stables list, replacing them with null teams all with no name at all (where their names should be, there is only a blank space). Every single team consists of the same five identical members--the first-slot CAW. Also, all seventy teams are declared simultaneous tag champions! As I said...royal mess.


There is a somewhat tedious fix for this really weird predicament--assign one of the other pairs of tag titles to the glitched champions (they still hold the titles in the roster list), then have the current champions lose the titles to another tag team of your choice (they don't have to have been a pre-existing tag team). After that, delete the seventy null teams, and rebuild the tag team list (after reassigning the titles to the prior champions). Voila...Ding Dong, the Glitch is gone! Which old glitch? The Wicked Glitch--okay, I'll stop.

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You seem to not be aware of the most game breaking glitch of all, that the computer won't kick out of a pin after about three minutes. This killed the game for me because it make matches, even on the highest difficulty, even using the worst jobber against someone like Austin or the Rock would result in 3-4 minute matches.

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You seem to think the AI wrestlers are pushovers. I've seen TONS of evidence to prove otherwise. Here are examples of AI cheapness, in all its cheesy glory:


1. Excessive use of reversals, even with the AI-reversal sliders at low levels (the AI will be milquetoasts if you zero out the reversal sliders).


2. Insistence on using hard-to-counter moves, such as fast jabs and grappled strong strikes, both of which only have about a three-frame (as in one-twentieth of a second) reversal window.


3. A seeming ability to render themselves immune to counters for a short time, thus ensuring the move they are about to perform/spam is unblockable.


4. They'll often knock you down, initiating a selling animation, then hit you just before the animation ends, resetting the animation timer. This also goes along with the above example. 4. The AI can and will use "Jedi mind tricks" on you, changing your character's target (often to the referee) so that they don't take the move you were intending for them. Note: this can get YOU disqualified if the AI uses it too many times.


5. The AI will be able to reverse a leverage pin an improbable number of times; they may have a pet peeve of losing to a reversed leverage pin.


6. The AI HATES to have sigs/finishers performed on them; they'll use any of the above tactics to avoid taking a sig/finisher.


7. The AI can make their sigs/finishers "immune" to reversals; I know this to be fact, because I used to use a turbo function (via remaPSP) on my reversal button, and the offending AI was The Miz. He caught my character in a rear grapple position, and I began turboing the reversal button, whilst rotating the analag nub, which should've automatically countered the impending Skull-Crushing Finale (what a name for a finisher, eh?)...only it didn't. Somehow, The Miz managed to sneak his finisher IN BETWEEN millisecond turbo button presses. This proves that sometimes, the AI cheats so hard, you can't "out-cheat" them.


8. When the AI wants you to lose a match, it will pull out all the stops, such as swerving your character before the match, then during the match, and if you still win, it'll sometimes order the match restarted under harder rules, and the AI will be EVEN CHEAPER. Alternatively, your character will suffer a THIRD swerve, post-match. Sometimes, your character will get swerved twice during the first match, then swerved again during the second (restarted) match, then get the "pipe swerve" post-match. That's a total of FOUR swerves the AI can throw at you for a single (restarted) match!


Here's the slider set/attribute adjustments I use:


Difficulty: Legend


Reversal Damage/Stamina Off

Blood On

Tap/Hold Kickout system

AI reversal frequency and all Game Balancing sliders maxed out (except for Stamina which is zeroed out); Damage Balancing sliders both zeroed out. All characters' Technical rating at 20. All Characters' Submission rating at 80. All other attributes are untouched.


This creates a pretty tough fight against even the weaker AI characters (and the stronger ones even border on downright CHEAP), but for the most part, they don't just reverse all your moves and make their offensive moves irreversible.

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I just discovered what I believe is the solution to the whole 6-man-tag game-freeze issue that a lot of people (including Yours Truly) have been having: if the 6-man tag match involves any faction containing more than just a tag team, you have to have the entire team consist solely of members of that faction, or the game will freeze. I believe the game was meant to honor three-or-more-person factions by forcing you to use only members of that faction during 6-man tag matches. However, the game-freeze issue is most likely unintentional, and just one of literally DOZENS of bugs that THQ overlooked. I swear, that they must've had a team of blind people "look" for bugs just before releasing this game... :P


As for the Championship Scramble match, there are two ways to completely eliminate game-freeze issues: either not have the CAW champion/contender(s) participate, or you can replace the match with the similarly-styled Elimination Chamber match (which involves six participants instead of five, but the concept of superstars entering the match at periodic intervals is still intact).


Update: it appears that in the default game, the Championship Scramble is NOT "broken", per se: I just attempted to deliberately duplicate the conditions which usually result in the game freezing once the third character enters the ring. Result: NO game freeze. Apparently, the Championship Scramble glitch involves other factors, such as a glitched in-game superstar (possibly Steamboat), which made people mistakenly think that their CAW caused the glitch.


I even used two different CAWs, both with extensively hacked movesets (chain-grapple strikes and struggle submissions replaced with additional grapple moves, as well as groggy-grapple moves replacing normal chain-grapple moves).


The final result of my just-played Championship Scramble is thus: the (vacant) WCW title remained vacant (the match ended in a draw, because no pinfalls were ever scored).

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