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Attitude V Universe


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Attitude V Universe 1



My story is a very in-depth, thought out story.


Basically a revolution is started to bring back the quality of the attitude era and a certain superstar of this generation kind of kicks this off.

But what will separate my story from the many Attitude era vs PG stories out there will be that it wont be one sided but both sides will have very good arguments and points about why their respective era should be embraced. If any one's ever read 'Marvel's Civil War' it will be similar to that, where it's up to the user/player YOU! must decide who's side your on, Universe or Attitude and the points I will bring up will not make it an easy choice at all. Expect some awesome promo's, voice of the voiceless shit and some deep thoughts about the future of the WWE and young stars that are getting crushed by the old Superstars and not giving them any room to grow.


Deep stuff.


It's only the first part so not much proper attitude vs universe stuff yet but it's more how the attitude era revolt/invasion got started.



Over 150 scenes and over 40 matches for the first part.



I wont name them so I keep the element of surprise, but around 38 different Superstars make an appearance of some kind.


It's called "Attitude v Universe 1" or you can search my PSN name "DoubleO88".



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