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Undamaged Threat

"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce - WIP - Preview pics

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Since I didn't properly finish him on the last game.




Right now all 4 attires are almost finished (The 3 Wrestling attires will have T-shirts set on the cinematic attires). This is what the attire slots is gonna be.


Slot 1: Wrestling Attire: Blue w/ White outline (With "The Eagle" T-shirt)

Slot 2: Wrestling Attire: Red w/ White outline (With "Dominum" T-shirt)

Slot 3: Wrestling Attire: Black w/ White outline (With "Shut Your Mouth" T-shirt)

Slot 4: Casual Attire (With "Who Booked This Shit?" T-shirt)


Also, I will release the Adam Pearce caw that I was making with Shattered's face tweak on WWE'13 despite the unfinished move-set sometime this week.

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Some Bad news: My WWE2K14 data somehow got corrupted when I was deleting some caws that I downloaded so now all my caw, custom titles & arenas are all gone.


I will try to remake Pearce again and hopefully try to contact Shattered if he can do the face for me again.

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