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Spamming Nooblet

Brock Lesnar VS Goldberg (HCTP Style)

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This is sort of a tribute video to HCTP, one of my favorite games of the series. It's a WWE 2K14 AI VS AI match between Goldberg and Lesnar, but I turned off the commentary, gave both Lesnar and Goldberg the finishers they had on HCTP, and added the BGM from that game. The AI is on "Hard" difficulty.


I know that there's quite a bit of people who don't like HCTP, I'm posting this video here for the people that do. I should also mention that I'm loving 2K14 so far.

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Awesome vid! Makes me wanna go and fire up my PS2 and play HCTP....only thing I noticed is that Goldberg slapped the shit outta Lesner and Lesner only stood staring at the ring like "Dude you just hit me with a kendo stick? Really dude?"

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