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The WWE LIVES V.3! (PS3) Part 4 Uploaded to CC! (13/12/13)

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Hello hello again my friends!! Yup, I have returned or so it seems!


In case you don't recall who I am, I did the stories called The WWE LiVES and THE WWE LIVES V.2, for WWE 2010 and 2011 respectively.







Due to lack of time I, unfortunately, didn't finished up my stores, as they started to get too time consuming and I simply couldn't provide the same quality as I once did. In all reality, I still have lack of time but I thought "why not?". I will do my best to give you all the best product I can deliver but attention, I can't promise anything. Think of this as experimental and depending on how much fun I'm having and the feedback I get from you guys, will eventually dictate the future of the story.



Now to a bit of a background explanation:




- John Cena is the WWE Champion and has been feuding with Alberto Del Rio.


- Christian won 2 WWE Universe Poll votes in recent weeks to face John Cena, where he defeated the champion not once but twice! John Cena then granted Christian a WWE Title Shot after Over The Limit.


- CM Punk has been ignored and badly booked by Mr.McMahon and the Board of Directors.


- The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) are the WWE Tag Team Champions.


- Antonio Cesaro is the current World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules.


- Chris Jericho and The Big Show reunited once again and Jericho has his sights on becoming World Champion.


- Damien Sandow is the current Intercontinental Champion


- Zach Ryder is the U.S Champion.


- Daniel Bryan been gaining momentum and is trying to earn a World Title Shot.







RAW Roster: (Current)



  • Alberto Del Rio (Heel)
  • John Cena (Face)
  • Randy Orton (Face)
  • Sheamus (Face)
  • Christian (Face)
  • CM Punk (Tweener)
  • Wade Barrett (Heel)
  • Justin Gabriel (Heel) (United States Champion)
  • Rob Van Dam (Face) (credit to Petchy)
  • Drew McIntyre (Heel) (WWE Champion)
  • Big E Langston (Face)
  • Heath Slater (Heel)
  • David Otunga (Heel)
  • Kane (Heel)
  • Jinder Mahal (Heel)
  • Kofi Kingston (Face)
  • Dean Ambrose (Heel)
  • Seth Rollins (Heel) (WWE Tag Team Champion)
  • Roman Reigns (Heel) (WWE Tag Team Champion)
  • The Miz (Tweener)
  • Zack Ryder (Face)
  • Santino Marella (Face)



Tag Teams & Stables on RAW (Current)




  • The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)
  • Team Cobro (Zack Ryder & Santino Marella)
  • The Nexus (Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel & Kane)
  • 3MB (Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal)




SmackDown! Roster: (Current)



  • Antonio Cesaro (Heel) (World Heavyweight Champion)
  • Dolph Ziggler (Face)
  • Daniel Bryan (Face)
  • Chris Jericho (Heel)
  • The Big Show (Heel)
  • R-Truth (Face)
  • Damien Sandow (Heel) (Intercontinental Champion)
  • Cody Rhodes (Face)
  • Goldust (Face) (credit to Gamevolt)
  • Jack Swagger (Heel)
  • Ryback (Heel)
  • Sami Zayn (Face) (credit to SecondComing)
  • Mark Henry (Heel)
  • Tensai (Face)
  • Brodus Clay (Face)
  • Fandango (Heel)
  • Rey Mysterio (Face)
  • Sin Cara (Face)
  • The Great Khali (Face)
  • Darren Young (Heel)
  • Titus O'Neil (Heel)
  • Curtis Axel (Heel) (Credit to Gamevolt)



Tag Teams & Stables on SmackDown! (Current)




  • JeriShow (Chris Jericho & The Big Show)
  • Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara
  • Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay & Tensai)
  • PrimeTime Players (Darren Young & Titus O'Neil)
  • The Real Americans (Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger)
  • The Rhodes (Cody Rhodes & Goldust)



Important Note: Superstars from both shows can sometimes appear on each other shows, as they are not exclusive to their brand. In any case, this won't happen as often as current day WWE.









  • John Cena (won at Wrestlemania)
  • Drew McIntyre (won at Monday Nigh Raw)






  • Dolph Ziggler (won at Elimination Chamber)
  • Antonio Cesaro (won at Extreme Rules)






  • The Miz (won on Monday Night Raw)
  • Zack Ryder (won at Extreme Rules)
  • Justin Gabriel (won on Monday Night Raw)






  • Rey Mysterio (won at Royal Rumble)
  • Damien Sandow (won at Wrestlemania)






  • The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) (won at TLC)



PPV Results:



Over The Limit





Match 1 - Damien Sandow © defeated Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger and R-Truth

(Intercontinental Championship)


Match 2 - The Shield © (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) defeated Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

(WWE Tag Team Championship)


Match 3 - Antonio Cesaro © defeated Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho

(Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship)


Match 4 - Christian defeated CM Punk

(No.1 Contenders Match for the WWE Championship; If CM Punk loses, he will be fired on Raw)


Match 5 - John Cena © defeated Alberto Del Rio

(Tables Match for the WWE Championship)









Match 1 - Damien Sandow © vs R-Truth

(Intercontinental Championship)


Match 2 - Justin Gabriel © w/David Otunga vs Zach Ryder

(United States Championship)


Match 3 - The Shield © (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) vs The Rhodes (Cody Rhodes & Goldust)

(WWE Tag Team Championship)


Match 4 - Randy Orton vs Kane

(Inferno Match)


Match 5 - Antonio Cesaro © vs Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho vs The Big Show

(Fatal 4-Way Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship)


Match 6 - Drew McIntyre © vs John Cena

(WWE Championship)





I will be editing according to the story progresses. Also, I may add some superstars to the rosters, mostly CAWs that I feel will help my story. Also credit will be given obviously.


Cheers! :)

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Informing that Monday Night RAW is already fully completed! Just need to finish up texting

SmackDown! and PPV Over The Limit.


It might take me a little more than I thought due to work commitements but it won't take long.


Also, this first part will include only one RAW show, one SmackDown! show and the PPV. The motives are mostly the time I have in hands and the beginning of my story ideas, which I think will start better this way.


Like I said above, I will soon edit the first post with more information about feuds, tag teams and title informations.


I know most stories that are uploaded lack depth and originality but if you feel doubtful about my work, I urge you guys to check out my other threads (linked in the first post) and at least check out commentaries and whatnot. You will see that this might be a damn good entertainment for all of you!


Hope you guys will enjoy this and don't forget, feedback is the goal here :)

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Been awhile but this should be good.


Interesting that Cesaro is World Champion. I'd like to see this in real life.


If I do decided to start my own I'm gonna need to start fixing movesets as I'm not a fan of default movesets. I like to feel like I'm wrestling a match like the superstar I'm playing as.


Noticed though that they changed Cody's moonsault animation in the corner grapple position. He now jumps from the 2nd rope. It looks more like an RVD move now than something that HBK could use. Wish they hadn't changed the one in WWE'13 because that was perfect.


Do CAWS work in Storyline Designer or do we still have a problem with not being able to upload storylines with CAWS in it because of a glitch/bug?

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So far I only used one CAW set as manager and it seemed to work fine. That's something to be confirmed in the future tho, when I do try to upload the story.


I'm with you on the movesets but I simply couldn't "waste" time with it now. There's already some accurate movesets going around and after uploading this first part, I will obviously update them as well.


So with this being said, I still wish that you, Cash, do indeed start a story as well. I remember yours getting better and better everytime and I enjoyed a lot playing them.


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Well I am thinking about a possible Great Barrett Barrage storyline.


Don't know about full shows as I like to have show themes which they removed.

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True but I replaced them. It's sad tho, I really enjoyed themes but nothing some creativity can't overcome.


For example, I will be using Big John Studd's theme as RAW official one.


PS: Haven't done much mostly because it's weekend and so I'm a bit occupied but no worries, this will be done quickly ;)

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I'm currently waiting in line to see WWE Live in Braehead.


Bought a sheep mask. Everyone is looking. It's awesome.


Might see if I can get some ideas from this show tonight to see what storylines to make.

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Just back. Awesome show. Got a couple of T-Shirts - RKO Strike First, Daniel Bryan Yes! Yes! Yes! and Punk's black Best in The World. Plus that Sheep Mask.


Great show. Gonna make a topic about in the WWE section.


Was surprised to see Hunico & Camacho still with WWE. I remember hearing ages ago that Hunico was suspended/injured and they did a storyline on NXT with Big E and Camacho over it but I was totally not expecting to see them. They faced and lost to The USOS.


I do have pics but because of lighting and the camera zoom being fuzzy. They look poor.


Punk got an awesome reaction as did Bryan. Drew being the hometown hero got a big reaction. Cena probably stole the show though as everyone was into the "Let's Go Cena, Cena Sucks!" Chant.


Just an overall awesome night. Well worth going to see Live if you can.

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Sounds like a great show! I already seen one SmackDown live in my country, when Batista was still World Champion.


Glad you had a great time!



PS: If everything goes according to my planning, I should probably have SD! and Over The Limit done tomorrow and..... I should upload it tomorrow as well! Lets hope so :D

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- Just to inform that I'm half way down on Over The Limit PPV so it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours for the first part of The WWE LIVES V.3 to be uploaded and ready to go :D


Also, I've noticed that sometimes the superstar threads don't come out as they should but if I remember correctly that also happened in previous versions so it should be good when it's uploaded. Another issue is that sometimes the avatar face of someone who's talking doesn't appear, I don't know why. If not mistaken only happened twice but perhaps the final version won't have this bug.


Thanks for your attention and be alert, it's close ;)

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Keywords: Legend_killer79 or search Jovernal_90/ The WWE Lives V.3


Just some quick notes for a better experience while playing:



Put Chris Jericho and The Big Show as a tag team and set their entrance that is already in the game. I've also used Jericho's tron and theme song while I used Big Show's Mini-tron.



I will add more information to the first post as promised in order to make this more entertaning and produce a better experience for everyone!


With this being said, I hope you guys enjoy and remember, feedback is extremely important to me in order to know if I should or should not continue this work so please, rate, review and comment in this thread as well. Any criticism is welcomed so I can improve and help you guys having even more fun!


PS: Keep in mind this is just a starting point for my story. Some feuds maybe or maybe not endure with time. So if there's feuds you guys don't enjoy, don't forget that it's simply a starting point for bigger and better things.

Also, would love to know how's the gaming experience and which difficulty people overall prefer playing.


Cheers! :D

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I think I remember your stories. Didn't you have *censored*ing Ted DiBiase as WWE Champion or something? Lol.


If you're the guy I'm thinking of than you're very good. I'll give it a download anyway and make sure to give some feedback once I've played.

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Hmm it seems this is gonna be hard to pick up :\. Well, it also happened the first time I started this series so guess it needs time.


In anycase, I still wish all of you people that play this series to rate & review on CC and give feedback on this thread if possible. I would greatly appreciate it ^_^



Small Update 2:


- Monday Night Raw and SmackDown! scenes/matches are all completed from Week 1. Still wondering if I should add text to them now or after doing the second week. Stay tuned.

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There's matches that have normal difficulty, others have hard and there might be a Legend there.


That's one of the aspects I really need to know: What people prefer in terms of gaming experience. There's matches that are supposed to be "easier", to make someone look strong or just a filler. Others are simply for a very good match up.


I hope you can tell me what you prefer.

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I'm in the camp of if you've booked Big Show vs. Heath Slater or something like that, than set it on easy to give realistic easy squash match feel, where as if you've booked John Cena vs. CM Punk in the main event of a PPV, set it to legend to signify the severity of the match.


I've played Raw anyway, was good, seemed a bit short like but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I'm tired and have work in the morning, but I'll make sure to play SD and the PPV tomorrow. I really love just classic "simple yet effective" booking like you showed after the main event with Cena and Del Rio, just classic basic pro wrestling 101.


Hope you keep this up anyway, although with the lack of interest in this mode in general by the community, it'll be understandable if you give it up, people don't realize just how important feedback is.

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Thanks for the feedback bro.


First of all, yes I do have that in mind in terms of "squash" and "epic" matches.


Second, those shows aren't that big because I want things to be easy to understand at first, so people can easily say "this guy is feuding with this guy" or "those dudes are plotting something...". For example, I can tell you that both Raw and SD! from Week 1 that I just completed (the scenes/matches) are much bigger now.


It will obviously depend on how storylines progresses.


As for feedback, it is extremely important otherwise it gets a bit tiresome to do so much work without people actually giving their opinion on it. The more people comment on it, the better is my motivation to continue and give what people want.


Hope you can give me a more complete feedback once you played until the end of the PPV and I hope you understand that like I said in a previous post, everything I'm doing is a starting point. I had to start somewhere and better to start easy and logic than with a big mess and many obvious choices.


I prefer joining my own ideas and unpredictability (i.e: Ted DiBiase as WWE Champion in WWE 2010 or Cesaro now) with the realistic product of current WWE. Mixing the two is actually hard but its also challenging.


I will be stepping up the storylines a notch and more things will happen but I'm hoping the logic prevails and everything is understandable. Seriously, big things are coming and wayyyy sooner than you might think ;).

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- Week 1 is almost fully completed! Monday Night Raw is ready to go, while SmackDown still needs some texting but it's around 75% done!


- Already started doing the scenes for Week 2 of Monday Night Raw as well.


- This The WWE Lives V.3 Part 2 will have 2 weeks of Raw and SmackDown.




Stay tuned and feedback would be hugely appreciated!

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- Week 1 is fully completed! Both Raw and SmackDown are texted and ready!

- Week 2 scenes/matches are all done as well! Just need to start adding the text.




PS: Hmmm tough crowd I see. Still no real, in depth feedback at all which is actually sad because I honestly think you guys would enjoy this. Nevertheless, I still have hope that this will go up and start rockin' pretty soon! :D



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- Happy to say there's only a few missing scenes to text on Smackdown and it's ready to go! :D


- I only need to do a overall check up before uploading but that's it. I'll most likely still upload The WWE Lives V.3 Part 2 today!




Still sad that I have good views on the thread but no comments at all T_T. Guess its life.

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Awesome. I'm glad you're persisting with it, hopefully it'll start getting some attention. I've been really busy with work so I've not played SD and the PPV yet but I'll play through them either later tonight or tomorrow. Will make sure to offer feedback again.

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