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My (Current) CAW List

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I have nine (pairs of) CAWs on my game so far, and they are as follows:


Pokemon (based):


Candis Rose, the Pink Rocker (based on Mew/Candis fanart)

Brittany Knight, the Bad Kitty (also based on Mew/Candis fanart, though with a black-cat motif)


Dragon Ball Z:


Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan (Kaka-ROOOOT!!!)




Agumon, the Original Digimon (seriously, he's the first one that comes to most people's minds)

Veemon, the Blue Dynamo (the "official" second-season mascot)

Guilmon, the Red Raptor (the "official" third-season mascot)




Spyro, the Purple Dragon and archetypal Hero of Skylands

Cynder, the Dark Dragoness and Spyro's best friend/sidekick


How to Train Your Dragon:

Toothless, the Night Fury and faithful mount of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (I didn't make a Hiccup CAW, though I gave one of Toothless' finishers that name to pay homage to him).


To eliminate any "such-and-such has turned his/her back on the WWE fans" messages, I made them all heels by default. They still sometimes team up with faces and also sometimes beat the stuffing out of other heels...just for fun (especially Broly) heh heh.


I gave the whole lot of them the same hacked chain-grapple moveset (some moves aren't very effective for the Digimon, but it kind of makes them look "stronger").


Candis, Brittany and Broly are super-heavyweights, the three Digimon are the light-heavyweights, and the three dragons are the standard heavyweights.


I might add some cruiserweights (the REALLY small/skinny type of wrestlers, such as Mew, Pikachu, Sonic.exe, et cetera).



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