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Vengeance, ECW, Armageddon & Payback

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I needed a couple of Arenas for my universe mode and, as I couldn't find any I was happy with, created them myself...


They are fantasy arenas, they are not intended to look like the actual one.

Sorry for the bad pictures, had to make them with my mobile phone :P

Vengeance - Name: Vengeance Custom Gamertag: EstebanThe17



ECW - Name: ECW Fantasy Gamertag: EstebanThe17






Armageddon - Name: Armageddon Fantasy Gamertag: EstebanThe17





Payback - Name: Payback Custom Gamertag: EstebanThe17





As I said, I tried to make it as detailed as possible. The max size of some logos were a bit annoying so I might update them in case this will be patched.


Anyway, enjoy & I would like to get some feedback :)

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