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The Conspiracy: Month 1 Demo

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This is gonna be my first major story I made since I took a hiatus for '13. I made one called 'Paradigm Shift' a while ago for 2011.

It's about a mysterious masked faction that shows up in the WWE and sows fear and distrust among the locker room and the fans. The demo product only goes to month 1, but the final version will have tons of branching choices in it as well as a hell of a lot of twists and turns and exciting matches. I'm sparing no expense in making this a smash-mouth out of control story that's as unpredictable and crazy as wrestling was at its' peak.

Please feel free to rate and review. When I finish the story, I'll post a full post with more information, pictures, and video. I worked hard on this demo, and intend to put forth a finished product soon, but until then, please enjoy the demo.

Tags: Punk, Bryan, Lesnar, NWO.


Xbox 360
Gamertag: KNekoSpy



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