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Saul's Superstar Head CAWs ( NEW CM PUNK PREVIEWS ) 1/10/14

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Will you be uploading a Cesaro superstar head anytime soon?


Yeah as soon as I make them.


I've just been working on some long haired Punk attires. Here's a preview of two attires from my Wrestlemania 23-26 slot I'm working on. If I can't find the camo texture for his Wrestlemania 26 attire I'll just throw something else in there.


Sorry for the shitty pics. It's all I can do right now.


Wrestlemania 24




Wrestlemania 25 ( NO PAINT TOOLS )




Can I make a request for Cesaro? Could you do his FCW attire? Sorry. I don't have any picture refs. Only videos



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Yes and yes.


Glad ya'll like it. Thanks.


Awesome, can't wait to see them.


Great job on all the attires, you really do make the best Punk attires hands down.

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