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Astro Zombie

Unbreakable138's CAW Topic 2K14 - KRIMSON Added!

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I'll be throwing all my WWE2K14 CAWs here. I'm hoping to create/complete more than I did in WWE'13. So far I'm really liking this game so I can actually see myself playing it for more than to create in 3 months time.

***NOTE*** All CAWs (And anything I upload) can be found by searching Unbreakable138

My first CAW for the year isn't Masada as it's been for the last few years. He's on the way, I'm hoping texturing will return because there are quite a few guys (Masada certainly included) that I just can't do without texturing the attire.

Anyways, my first CAW for WWE2K14 - Thrown together at this point to justify opening the topic and posting my planned list and whatnot...

Candice LeRae - 11/02/13

**I'll likely upload two versions of Candice. One female, and one with a gender hack so she can be used against men.


"All Ego" Ethan Page







Early at the moment. Not sure how I feel about it. Sometimes I look at it and like it, others I hate it. There's still something off I just can't put my finger on.




Masada - 12/12/13





CM Punk [sES]






This was intended to be a quick project. Really happy with how it turned out. Still have to do some tweaks to the body but that's about it. Plan is two attires with the black mask and two with the white.



Daniel Bryan - 12/08/13 (Uploaded)




"Sick" Nick Mondo





Krimson - 01/06/14





No morphing done yet. Forgot to put the shirt logo in the last pack of PTs I made.


This is a list of everyone I'm planning to make this year. Don't take it as a list of people I'm definitely making because I really can't guarantee many of these aside from Masada, Krimson, and Oi4K. It's simply a list of people I want in my game but if someone else makes a CAW of the person I probably won't make them, or I'll use their CAW as a base and only post if I've made enough changes to justify it.

Bobby Beverly
Chris Dickinson
Dave Crist
Eric Ryan
Ethan Page
Gregory Iron
Jake Crist
Josh Alexander
Josh Prohibition
Marion Fontaine
Matt Cross
Matt Tremont
Rickey Shane Page

Addy Starr
Allysin Kay
Christina Von Eerie
Jessicka Havok
Kimber Lee
Mickie Knuckles
Saraya Knight
Seleziya Sparx
Veda Scott



**Thanks to KG for making his WWE2K14 editor which includes the ability to inject paint tool logos. Without his work many of these CAWs wouldn't be possible.

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Maybe. Can't say for sure. Don't like Fox but may make him because of the number of CAW slots. I'd like a Swann but having no decent replacement for the Standing 450 would irritate me endlessly, though IIRC we're getting some standing flippy moves so I may find a replacement.

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Looking forward to Krimson. And hey man, you still owe me a Lenn Oddity. :lol:


Nah I'm kidding bro.

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I could have sworn I made Lenn Oddity last year. Or was it WWE'12?


Ran into a bit of a roadblock with Krimson I think. I was working on my original CAW last night and he has red mist on his mouth (Muta). I use the same method for that as I did for the blood on Krimson's paint last year and it seems they changed the settings on the wolf design and now it's always somewhat dark even at max settings. I'm sure I'll find a workaround but yeah. Those designs really made it look so much better.


Started basework on Ethan Page today. Monster Mafia, Seleziya Sparx and Masada will most likely be the next creations. Masada is still iffy though. Hoping someone can figure out textures.

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It was 12, but it was never completed or uploaded. I remember, I was the only one who made the request. :lol:

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I've got an Ethan Page CAW that I'm working on that I feel is ready to preview, I've just been too lazy to cap it. I'm debating on finishing Candice because with the recent indy project that a group of guys started, I doubt I'll be able to top it. Though with that being said it could be months before they release theirs depending on where she is in terms of priority. Same applies for Masada who they're apparently making.

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Early Ethan Page added. I feel it's pretty good so far but I'll let you guys be the judge. No attires yet. Gonna try to sync up the attires with the Josh Alexander CAW I'm working on though.

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Yeah there's definitely something that's off, but it'll look a lot better when you apply facial hair as well, as Ethan USUALLY doesn't go clean shaven lol... Very excited to see your Monster Mafia, will be apart of my downloads for sure!

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I left him clean shaven because he happened to be clean shaven in the ref I used. Not sure which facial hair to use because he's had a few variants that I've seen. Any suggestions morphing wise?

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Added Daniel Bryans Nexus/WWE return attire. It's uploaded as "DB - Nagata Tribute Attire" on XBL. Includes the "VIOLENT" shirt he had on the indies in between his WWE runs in the Summer of 2010.

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