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Mil Muertes / Fenix - Fried's Masked Caws


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I've been very lucky to have some very talented guys help me out with movesets over the years. Trying to piece them together myself I realise how much time and effort goes into making a moveset that plays nice.


Modern lucha is a bit different but old school lucha there's not a lot of 'power moves' which makes it hard to try and fit them in an American styled game.


When I try and do a moveset I mainly use youtube, sometimes luchawiki will have some signature/finisher moves listed on the various luchador pages.


Capped Hijo del Fantasma


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Despite the 2K14 servers now being closed I've decided to carry on with thoughts of maybe doing a save eventually. I'm not familiar with that, if it's even possible, but I'm willing to try.


That being said, early Mil Muertes


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Yep probably, I've found I tend to make them a bit bigger than what they are but I tried to match him up with the in game Sin Cara who I was using.


Finally getting to the stage where I've almost filled up all my caw spots. heh...

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