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MST3Claye's TNA CAWs - Eli Drake - Final CAW Uploaded!!10/23/15


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Right now.. just one outfit.. I might do two with the hood, two without.. and alternating between the yellow sneakers and the blue or black ones. Since he may not debut the new black outfit till November/December or even next year.


Also, he might be up by Friday or Saturday.. Haven't even started on the moveset yet, I gathered what I could with his match on Sunday.


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I know you've upped Manik twice already, but I still can't get him. My current era roster is on a flash drive. If you don't mind could please try upping him once more w/out dlc moves? Btw your other caws are great!!


Thank you. I think saw your reviews on XLive mentioning the DLC? Odd thing is, I never added DLC at all to him. I'll try a third upload sometime tonight, though. I HAVE changed his attribute points a bit. They're now 88 or 89, I realized I had overpowered him a bit much.


Again, thanks for the comments. I'll see what I can do!

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Manik is still default for me. I've noticed some of the newer moves (non dlc) also cause the glitch. like the standing corkscrew moonsault & occasionally the lotus lock. I hope you can sort out whatever it is that's causing it. The caw looks awesome in the pictures.


I'll check on that and see what I can do. Thanks for telling me about that. *sigh* 2K Games.

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